woman in white shirt holding black iphone

How to Get GIFs on iPhone Keyboard: Access Guide

Olivia Garcia

Using GIFs on an iPhone keyboard can make communication more expressive and dynamic. As text messaging has become a primary ...

iPhone SE4

Apple Rumored To Be Working On An All-New iPhone SE4. Possible Release in 2025

Olivia Garcia

Apple is reportedly working on a new version of the iPhone SE (4th Gen) to update the lineup. This redesign ...

iPhone SE3

Do Any iPhones Still Have a Home Button?

Owen Woods

Smartphones with physical home buttons have become a rare feature nowadays. The iPhone SE 3 stands out as the most ...

A Person Checking the GPS on the Cellphone

Can Someone Tell If I Check Their Location on iPhone?

Olivia Garcia

As an iPhone user, you may wonder if someone can tell if you use the location services of your phone ...

iPhone Battery Percentage

Ways You Can Change Your iPhone Battery Icon Color (None Are Great)

Noah Walker

It would be great if we could personalize the color of the iPhone battery icon to add a unique touch ...

iPhone Photo Roll

How To Stop Pictures from Automatically Saving on iPhone

Noah Walker

It’s worth noting that when you get photos and videos through iMessage on your iPhone or iPad, they are automatically ...

Cracked iPhone Screen

iPhone Cracked Screen Repair Guide

Owen Woods

Cracks on an iPhone screen can lead to further damage and expensive replacements, which is why it’s essential to address ...

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How to Share Your Location on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Liam Anderson

Sharing your location with others can be very useful, especially when making plans or ensuring safety. If you have an ...

iPhone 15 Bottom Speaker

How to Clean Your iPhone Speaker: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ali Mohammadi

Ensuring optimal sound quality and an overall excellent audio experience requires maintaining the cleanliness of iPhone speakers. Over time, speakers ...

a person holding an iphone in their hand

Is iPhone 15 Waterproof?

Owen Woods

It’s important to understand the water resistance capabilities of the iPhone 15 before you get your device wet. The iPhone ...