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Jan 201427

Steve Jobs’ 1984 Demonstration of the Macintosh

by Shane Roberts

Jan 201427

Apple CEO Tim Cook on ABC News

by Shane Roberts

Jan 201424

Happy Birthday Macintosh!

by Shane Roberts

Macintosh - simply mac

iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Powerbook, PowerMac, G4, Mac Pro – all terms that many Apple users are familiar with – but it all began with the Macintosh. Back in 1984 Apple redesigned the computer and forever changed the future of consumer computing. Apple had the Apple II, which was enormously successful, but nothing to the level that the Macintosh was about to embark on. The Macintosh made the computer much more personal and usable for everyone.

Here is the ad Apple used to tease the announcement of the Macintosh. This legendary appeared before the Super Bowl in 1984:

And here is the first time Steve Jobs unveiled the Macintosh to the world:

Apple has done a beautiful job with their website and celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh – go check it out.  Click here to see their 30th anniversary page.

Jan 201423

How to watch the Super Bowl on your Apple device

by Shane Roberts

Super Bowl XLVIII Logo - simply mac - watch super bowl on your Apple device

Are you going to be away from your big screen come Super Bowl Sunday? Fortunately, there are ways to watch the big game on your Apple devices!

If you have a Mac, all you have to do is go to and you’re set! Normally you would have to authenticate a subscription with your cable provider (i.e. Comcast), but it appears that on Super Sunday they will allow free access to everyone (according to CNET).

If you would like to watch the Super Bowl on your iPhone, there are few steps to take. First off you have to be a Verizon Wireless customer. The NFL has exclusive rights with Verizon for mobile phone streaming, so that explains that. If you are a Verizon customer, download the NFL Mobile app and pay $5 for the weekly pass to gain access to streaming of the game.

If you have an iPad and would like to watch the Super Bowl, the FOX Sports GO app is the avenue for you. It appears, with the app, you’ll have to sign in with your credentials from your TV provider to gain access to the live stream.

While the Super Bowl is appointment viewing, no longer do you have to be tethered to your couch to watch it, although that would be the ideal scenario.

CNET has another option, along with the ones above, so head to their article for that option.


Jan 201423

A Look Back at Mac Commercials

by Shane Roberts

PCMag is knocking it out of the ballpark with their coverage of the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh, as well as the 30th anniversary of the 1984 commercial that aired Super Bowl Sunday. In their most recent article, they look back at various Mac commercials beginning with the 1984 commercial. It’s a fun trip down memory lane, it’s also fun to see the evolution of the Mac.

Here is the legendary original 1984 ad:

Head to PCMag’s article to see all of the commercials that they highlight, leading up to the new Mac Pro. Click here for the article.

Jan 201421

Take a stroll down Mac memory lane with CNET

by Shane Roberts

iBook Clamshell - simply mac

It’s been 30 years since Apple released the Macintosh line of computers. After initially running the Macintosh side-by-side with the Apple II platforms, the Mac eventually turned into the primary focus of Apple until 2001 when the iPod was announced.  CNET has a cool slideshow worth checking out how the Mac has evolved through the years. They cover almost everything from the Macintosh 512k, to the newly released Mac Pro.

Head over to CNET to check out the slideshow, it’s really cool. Click here for more.


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