Apple Previews iOS 18 Features: What’s New for iPhone Users

Ali Mohammadi

iOS 18 Logo

Apple plans to release iOS 18 in September 2024 and previews & leaks have shown significant updates for iPhone users – especially when it comes to Ai integration. The updated iOS will also focus on improving user experience, accessibility, and privacy. It introduces new features aimed at making the iPhone more intuitive and responsive. Apple has also incorporated artificial intelligence and machine learning into iOS 18 to personalize the user experience with smarter features. These updates aim to make everyday tasks more streamlined and efficient for users.

Key Enhancements in iOS 18: A Deeper Look

Personalized Home Screen Experience

iOS 18 offers more freedom to customize the Home Screen. Users can now place apps and widgets anywhere, creating a layout that suits their needs. The Lock Screen also gets a revamp, allowing for button customization and quick access to controls in the Control Center.

Revamped Photos App

The Photos app sees its biggest redesign yet, aiming to enhance user experience in organizing and accessing memories.

Enhanced Communication

Messaging gets a boost with new features to connect with friends and family. Additionally, Messages over satellite provides a lifeline in areas with limited or no cellular coverage.

Privacy-Focused Features

iOS 18 doubles down on privacy, giving users more control over app permissions, contact sharing, and device connections. New features like locked and hidden apps offer additional layers of security for sensitive information.

Additional Features

The update also brings other notable features:

Mail ImprovementsBetter inbox management and new features for organizing emails.
Health App EnhancementsNew tools and insights for tracking health and wellness goals.
Accessibility UpdatesImproved features for users with disabilities.
Performance OptimizationsFaster and smoother experience across various iPhone models.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the features in iOS 18. Apple promises more surprises and enhancements when the update officially rolls out.


iOS 18 is expected to be available as a free software update for compatible iPhone models later this year (September 2024).

Key Takeaways

  • Apple’s iOS 18 brings new accessibility options.
  • AI enhances the iPhone experience in iOS 18.
  • User experience is central to iOS 18 updates.

Innovations in Accessibility

Apple’s iOS 18 brings forward new features to assist users with disabilities. They have refined hearing aids, visual tools, and motor skill supports. Users will find learning aids and sensory integration enhancements helpful.

Enhancements for Hearing Impairments

For those with hearing challenges, live captions in real-time make understanding conversations easier. The sound recognition feature helps users identify important sounds in their environment. iOS 18 makes these tools more accurate with machine learning.

Advancements in Vision Accessibility

Apple’s Magnifier app uses the camera to help users read text and recognize objects. Detection Mode and VoiceOver describe surroundings. Color filters cater to different vision needs. Users can rely on Vision Pro as a new solution powered by AI.

Mobility and Physical Access Features

AssistiveTouch and Switch Control provide alternative ways to interact with devices. Voice Control recognizes spoken commands, and Hover Typing allows control without touch. These changes support users with limited mobility.

Cognitive and Learning Aids

Apple supports users with cognitive disabilities through simplicity in design. Siri offers verbal assistance, and Speak Selection reads text out loud. Reader Mode and adjustable fonts create a distraction-free reading environment.

Interactivity and Sensory Integration

Enhancements to Taptic Engine help users feel alerts. Some may experience fewer symptoms of motion sickness with Vehicle Motion Cues. Music Haptics interact with Live Speech to integrate sensory inputs.

Integrating AI and Machine Learning

Apple’s iOS 18 brings forward a leap in artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, geared towards making the iPhone smarter and more intuitive. These improvements touch on various aspects of the iPhone experience, from enhanced voice interactions to accessibility.

Enhanced Siri and Shortcuts

With iOS 18, Apple has made significant strides in reinforcing Siri’s intelligence. Users can expect more natural interactions and precise execution of tasks. The Shortcuts app leverages AI for tailor-made automation, allowing for voice-triggered actions that can be as complex or as straightforward as needed. This seamless integration aims to enhance user productivity and offer a more personalized iPhone experience.

AI-Driven Application Improvements

The latest update shines a spotlight on machine learning within apps. AI is now more deeply woven into core applications such as Photos, Messages, Mail, and Calendar. This integration enables features like live captions in videos, more accurate speech recognition, and predictive typing that learns from user behavior to offer smarter suggestions.

On-Device AI Technology

Apple continues to utilize the powerful neural engine and on-device processing capabilities. This shift not only boosts performance but also secures user privacy. By processing data directly on the iPhone, AI functionalities like text recognition and on-the-fly photo analysis happen quickly and securely without needing to send information to the cloud.

AI for Accessibility Design

Accessibility remains a core focus, and iOS 18 introduces AI-driven features that cater to individuals with physical and neurological differences. AssistiveTouch, VoiceOver, and Dwell Control have been improved, while new features like Hover Typing and Sound Recognition make devices more accessible to people with motor and auditory impairments. Vehicle Motion Cues and advanced color filters aim to help users with motion sickness or color blindness navigate their devices more comfortably.