Apple Store Locations in Oklahoma: Find The One Near You

Owen Woods

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For individuals interested in Apple products in Oklahoma, visiting an Apple Store is highly recommended. These stores provide an opportunity to see new items such as the iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers up close. They also offer a range of services, including personal setup assistance. With experts available in-store, customers can receive guidance on various Apple products and get help with troubleshooting their devices.

In Oklahoma City, the Penn Square Mall location stands out as a place to get hands-on experience with Apple’s latest innovations. Customers can explore and purchase products, register for workshops, or book a one-on-one session with a Specialist. Whether for shopping or support, Apple Stores in Oklahoma serve as a one-stop destination for all Apple-related needs.


Oklahoma City, Penn Square

Tulsa, Woodland Hills

Discover Apple in Oklahoma

While the Sooner State might be known for its vast prairies and oil wells, it’s also home to two Apple Stores that cater to tech enthusiasts. These stores offer a wide array of Apple products and services, from the latest iPhones and MacBooks to expert advice and repairs. Let’s take a closer look at each location:

Apple Penn Square in Oklahoma City

Nestled in the heart of Oklahoma City’s bustling Penn Square Mall, this store is a haven for Apple aficionados. Its modern design and knowledgeable staff create a welcoming atmosphere for shoppers. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your iPhone or explore the latest Apple Watch models, this store has you covered. Plus, the Genius Bar is always ready to troubleshoot any tech issues you may encounter.

Apple Woodland Hills in Tulsa

Tulsa residents can find their Apple fix at the Woodland Hills Mall. This store boasts a spacious layout and ample parking, making it a convenient stop for tech shopping. In addition to the full range of Apple products, the store hosts regular Today at Apple sessions where you can learn new skills and discover creative possibilities with your Apple devices.

Oklahoma Apple Store Details

Store NameAddressPhone NumberStore Hours
Apple Penn Square1901 NW Expressway, Oklahoma City, OK(405) 767-6600Mon-Sat: 10 AM – 9 PM; Sun: 12 PM – 6 PM
Apple Woodland Hills7021 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa, OK(918) 249-7800Mon-Sat: 10 AM – 9 PM; Sun: 12 PM – 6 PM

Key Takeaways

  • Apple Stores are a go-to for the latest products and personalized assistance.
  • Oklahoma’s Apple Store, such as the one at Penn Square Mall, features services beyond sales.
  • These stores offer educational opportunities and support for both new and existing customers.

Apple Store Locations in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has several Apple Store locations where customers can experience products and receive service. These stores are known for their sleek design and knowledgeable staff.

Penn Square Mall Oklahoma City

The Apple Store at Penn Square Mall is a go-to place for Apple technology enthusiasts. It serves as a hub where people can try out new products, attend workshops, and get tech support. This location is convenient for residents in and around Oklahoma City. Store hours may vary, so it is wise to check in advance for specific times, especially if planning a visit on a Tuesday.

Other Notable Locations

Beyond Penn Square, Oklahoma hosts other notable stores for Apple products and services. These locations are within retail partners and offer a variety of Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. Customers can find these nearby in areas such as Best Buy or AT&T Store. Each has different hours and services available, and contacting them directly will provide the most accurate details.

Services and Support

When Apple customers in Oklahoma seek support for their devices, they have various options. They can schedule Genius Bar appointments, engage with a business team for tailored solutions, attend workshops for learning, and experience top-tier customer service.

Genius Bar Appointments

Customers can book time with the Genius Bar for technical support and hardware repairs. They can receive help with their iPhones or other Apple devices directly from experts. The service is friendly, professional, and focuses on solving issues efficiently.

Business Team and Solutions

Apple’s business team offers support to small business owners. They provide solutions that meet specific business needs. Their guidance is aimed at leveraging Apple technology to boost business operations.

Workshops and Learning

Apple hosts workshops that cover a wide range of topics. These sessions facilitate learning for Apple users of all skill levels. Topics often relate to making the most of your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Store Experience and Reviews

Customers find Apple Store visits pleasant and informative. Store staff are known for being friendly and helpful. Customer reviews frequently highlight the positive experience of visiting Apple locations for purchases and support.