IPhone Back Glass Repair Costs

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iPhone Cracked Back Glass

If you have a cracked or damaged back glass on your iPhone, it’s normal to wonder about the repair cost. Apple offers different options and pricing for back glass repairs depending on the make and model of your phone. Generally, the process of repairing the back glass is difficult as it requires melting the strong adhesive that bonds the glass to the phone’s back. Laser machines are typically used for this purpose, with the exception being the models with removable back glass.

The repair cost depends on whether you have AppleCare+ or if you need to pay out-of-pocket. The cost may also vary depending on whether the service is provided directly by Apple, an authorized service provider, or a third-party. Apple has sometimes offered a reduced price for back glass repair, which can significantly lower the cost of out-of-warranty services. It is recommended that customers inquire about the repair costs from their chosen service provider and consider the potential additional expenses if any other services are also required.

iPhone Back Glass Repair Costs

iPhone ModelApple Repair CostAppleCare+ CostThird Party
iPhone 15 Pro Max$199$29$199
iPhone 15 Pro$169$29$169
iPhone 15 Plus$199$29$179
iPhone 15$169$29$169
iPhone 14 Pro Max$549$29$199
iPhone 14 Pro $499$29$199
iPhone 14 Plus$199$29$159
iPhone 14$169$29$159
iPhone 13 Pro Max$499$29$129
iPhone 13 Pro$449$29$129
iPhone 13$349$29$129
iPhone 13 Mini$299$29$129
iPhone 12 Pro Max$499$29$109
iPhone 12 Pro$449$29$109
iPhone 12$349$29$99
iPhone 12 Mini$299$29$99

Important Note: Apple made a change with the iPhone 15 series, making the back glass easier to replace and therefore less expensive to repair.

Additional Notes:

  • AppleCare+ Deductible: The $29 fee is a general deductible for AppleCare+ screen or back glass repairs.
  • Outdated models: Apple may consider older models obsolete and no longer offer repairs.

Key Takeaways

  • Apple provides back glass repair services with varying costs dependent on the iPhone model and warranty coverage.
  • Repairs may be cheaper for certain models with removable back glass and more costly for models requiring disassembly.
  • Consumers should confirm repair costs and explore options with Apple or authorized service providers.

Understanding iPhone Back Glass Damage

iPhone back glass damage is a concern for many users, often leading to functionality issues and costly repairs. The following provides insight into the nature of such damage.

Back glass damage can range from minor cracks to severe shatters:

  • Minor Cracks: Might not affect the phone’s functionality immediately.
  • Severe Damage: Can lead to additional problems like water damage or compromised structural integrity.

Apple has updated the repair policies and costs to reflect these design changes and damage levels. With AppleCare+ coverage, users now benefit from a reduced service fee for back glass repairs. Here’s a quick look at the service fees:

  • With AppleCare+ (for eligible models): Back glass damage fee is $29.
  • Without AppleCare+ (previous cost): Repairing back glass would set customers back $99.

Repair costs have become more accessible, making it less burdensome for iPhone owners to get their devices restored to pristine condition. Still, the iPhone design continues to evolve, and with each new iPhone, there is an anticipation of improved durability and potentially lower repair costs.

Severity and Common Causes

The severity of damage to the back glass of an iPhone can vary from minor scratches to a completely shattered surface. Common causes include accidental drops, impacts against hard surfaces, and pressure applied to the device.

  • Scratches: Can occur from contact with keys, coins, or rough surfaces.
  • Cracked or Shattered Glass: Typically result from drops or significant impacts.

Implications for Functionality

Damage to the iPhone’s back glass may affect the device’s functionality. For models like iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, this includes features such as wireless charging and the integrity of the camera system.

  • Wireless Charging: The wireless charging coil, located under the back glass, could malfunction if the glass is severely damaged.
  • Camera: The camera, especially in advanced models like iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, may be compromised if the damage extends to the camera lens area.

Options for iPhone Back Glass Repair

When your iPhone’s back glass breaks, you have several repair options. From official Apple services to do-it-yourself fixes, choose the best route that ensures your phone returns to its best shape, ideally using genuine parts for optimal performance.

Apple Authorized Service Provider

Apple Authorized Service Providers are well-versed in handling iPhone repairs, using authentic parts and processes. For those with AppleCare+, the repair cost can be significantly lower. In the United States and Canada, visiting these providers guarantees the quality of the repair is up to Apple’s standards, done by trusted professionals.

Independent Repair Providers

There are independent repair providers, such as uBreakiFix by Asurion, which offer competitive pricing and often a warranty on their services. These may not always use Apple parts, but they offer a viable option for out-of-warranty repairs. Some of these providers ensure the use of high-quality parts and may offer faster turnarounds than official Apple stores.

DIY Repair Solutions

Adventurous iPhone users might opt for a do-it-yourself approach, especially since models like the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus have made back glass repairs more accessible. However, this risks potential damage to the device and may void any remaining warranty if not performed correctly. Only consider this route if you have the right tools and are comfortable with intricate electronic repairs.

Cost Considerations for iPhone Repairs

When it comes to repairing an iPhone, several factors can affect the cost. Screen repair and iPhone back glass repairs are among the most common services sought by iPhone users. Generally, the price for back glass repairs can vary, but Asurion mentions that the process is easier and less costly for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus compared to iPhone 14 Pro models.

For those with AppleCare+, the cost may be substantially lower. If the back glass is cracked, Apple has been noted to reduce the standard repair cost from $99 to a more affordable $29. Customers should be aware of the terms and conditions of their AppleCare+ to understand the coverage.

Repairs for iPhones that are out-of-warranty can be more expensive. A screen repair starts at a baseline price and rises depending on the model and extent of the damage. Customers without warranty or AppleCare+ might consider UBreakiFix by Asurion, which offers a low price guarantee and speedy service.

Choices for customers extend to over 700+ locations of UBreakiFix, ensuring that you can find a local store for convenient service. They promise high-quality customer service, and if you’re worried about how long the repairs take, they’re known for their quick turnaround times.

In summary, cost varies by repair type, iPhone model, warranty coverage, and service provider. Below is a table highlighting potential costs:

ServiceAppleCare+UBreakiFix by AsurionOut-of-Warranty
Back Glass Repair$29Subject to QuoteVaries
Screen RepairWith FeeSubject to QuoteStarting at $129

When considering repairs, thoroughly reviewing service options and their associated costs can lead to the most economical and efficient choice.

The Repair Process

When the back glass of an iPhone is damaged, users have several repair avenues to consider. The right choice will hinge on cost, convenience, and use of genuine parts.

Repair Options and Procedures

AppleCare+: Owners with AppleCare+ coverage can get their iPhone back glass repaired for a service fee. If the device is out of warranty, the cost can be significantly higher. Users without AppleCare+ should verify their coverage status and any potential fees before seeking repairs.

Send in for Repair: Customers can send their broken device to Apple for repair. This is advisable when there are no local service providers or for those preferring the use of authentic parts directly from Apple.

Local Store Visit: Visiting a local Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider is a practical option for those looking for direct service. It is essential to make an appointment to ensure speedy service.

Damage Assessment: Whether at an Apple Store or another service provider, a professional will assess the damage. The assessment will determine if the repair is covered by warranty or consumer law.

Service Process: Once evaluated, the device will be taken in for the repair process. An estimate, often including the cost of labor and parts, will also include any applicable tax. Repairs will use Apple parts to maintain the integrity of the device.

Apple’s Repair Services

Get an Estimate: Before committing to a repair with Apple, customers can use the “Get an Estimate” tool to review potential costs. This tool includes pricing for screen repair and other service fees.

Apple Authorized Service Providers: For those who prefer authentic Apple parts and certified service, visit an Apple Authorized Service Provider. These providers adhere to Apple’s strict repair protocols.

Warranty: Repairs conducted by Apple and its authorized service providers are likely to be covered by any remaining warranty or consumer law protections.

Independent Repair Services

Independent Repair Providers for Apple: Some independent service providers are certified by Apple to perform repairs. Services from these certified parties will use genuine Apple parts.

uBreakiFix by Asurion: An example of an independent service with Apple’s certification is uBreakiFix by Asurion, which carries out quality repairs at over 700 locations.

Cost Benefits: Independent providers may offer competitive pricing. Users should confirm the use of genuine parts and inquire about any guarantees protecting the repair quality.

Convenience: Opting for an independent repair service can be more convenient, especially if living far from an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider. Customers should ensure that the technicians are trusted professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Replacing the back glass of an iPhone can vary in cost depending on the model and where the repair is done. Below are specific price points to expect for different iPhone models.

What is the typical cost for iPhone 13 Pro Max back glass replacement?

For an iPhone 13 Pro Max, back glass replacement can range from $150 to $250 through a third-party repair service.

How much would I expect to pay for iPhone 12 back glass repair?

The repair cost for the back glass of an iPhone 12 could also fall between $150 to $250, though prices can be lower with insurance like AppleCare+.

Is back glass repair for an iPhone 11 worth the expense?

Considering the iPhone 11’s age and value, back glass repair is typically worth it and costs less than newer models, usually ranging from $100 to $200.

Can the back glass on an iPhone be repaired, and if so, how?

Yes, the back glass on an iPhone can be repaired either by Apple, an authorized service provider, or third-party repair shops using specialized equipment.

What’s the estimated price range for fixing the back of an iPhone 14?

The newest iPhone models, like the iPhone 14, may have back glass repair costs upwards of $200, depending on repair options and insurance coverage.

What price should I anticipate for repairing the rear glass on an iPhone?

Generally, the cost to repair the rear glass on an iPhone can start as low as $29 with Apple’s coverage but might go over $200 without it, especially for recent models.

How much is the replacement cost for an iPhone 13 Pro’s back glass?

If your iPhone 13 Pro’s back glass is cracked, and you have AppleCare+, the out-of-pocket cost may be significantly reduced to around $29. Without AppleCare+, the cost can be higher, but exact prices aren’t readily listed and can vary by service provider.

Where can I find the best price for iPhone back glass repair nearby?

To find competitive pricing for iPhone back glass repairs nearby, your best bet is to visit authorized repair shops such as Apple Stores or certified third-party technicians like those at uBreakiFix. Comparing service providers in your area will give you a better idea of the best available rates.

What are the typical repair costs for an iPhone 12’s cracked back glass?

For an iPhone 12 with a cracked back glass, the repair cost with AppleCare+ has been recently lowered from the previously higher standard rates to $29. Without an AppleCare+ plan, customers need to contact service centers for specific pricing.

Can a shattered iPhone back be repaired, and what are the implications?

Yes, a shattered iPhone back can be repaired, either through Apple’s repair service or through third-party repair shops. It’s important to consider that using non-official repair services could potentially void any existing warranties.

Are the expenses for repairing the back of an iPhone considered high?

Repair costs for the back of an iPhone can seem high, especially out of warranty. However, with protection plans like AppleCare+, the expenses are more manageable. Repair costs are also often a fraction of the price of purchasing a new device.

What does it cost to replace the back glass on a new iPhone, such as the iPhone 15?

The cost to replace the back glass on newer iPhone models like the iPhone 15 has not been specified but is expected to follow the brand’s pricing structure. Factors such as having AppleCare+ coverage can significantly lower these fees.