The New iPad Pro M4 (2024): Specs and Features Unveiled

Noah Walker

iPad Pro M4 (2024)

Apple has launched the seventh generation of the iPad Pro, which was announced on May 7, 2024 and was released on May 15, 2024. It boasts a freshly designed OLED display that enhances visual experience and a chassis that’s slimmer than ever before. This combination of a new screen technology with a sleek profile underscores Apple’s commitment to pushing the envelope in tablet design.

Under the hood, the new iPad Pro is powered by the M4 chip, marking a significant leap in performance. It’s tailored for professionals and creatives who need powerful computing on the go. This latest model bridges the gap between the iPad and Mac, offering a solution that’s portable yet capable of handling intensive tasks.

Powerhouse Tablet: The iPad Pro with the M4 Chip

The iPad Pro with M4 chip is the latest addition to Apple’s tablet lineup, boasting impressive upgrades that set it apart from its predecessors. Let’s explore what makes this device a powerhouse for creativity and productivity.

Unmatched Performance with M4

The star of the show is undoubtedly the M4 chip, built on second-generation 3-nanometer technology. With up to 10 CPU cores and a 10-core GPU, it delivers remarkable performance gains over the previous generation. Whether you’re editing videos, designing intricate graphics, or playing demanding games, the M4 chip can handle it all with ease.

M4 Chip FeatureBenefits
10-core CPUUp to 1.5x faster CPU performance than M2
10-core GPU with Dynamic CachingUp to 4x faster graphics performance than M2
16-core Neural EngineUp to 38 trillion operations per second for enhanced machine learning
Media Engine with AV1 supportMore power-efficient playback of high-resolution video

A Visual Feast: Ultra Retina XDR Display

The iPad Pro’s Ultra Retina XDR display is a visual masterpiece. Thanks to the M4 chip’s new display engine, it delivers stunning precision, color accuracy, and brightness uniformity. The tandem OLED panels and ProMotion technology create a smooth, responsive, and visually immersive experience.

Creative Powerhouse: Unleashing Your Potential

With the M4 chip’s immense power and a wide range of creative apps, the iPad Pro is a dream come true for artists, designers, and content creators. Hardware-accelerated ray tracing and mesh shading open up new possibilities for 3D rendering and photorealistic graphics. The enhanced Neural Engine accelerates machine learning tasks, making the iPad Pro a powerful tool for AI-powered creative workflows.

Productivity on the Go: Your Mobile Workstation

The iPad Pro isn’t just for creatives; it’s also a productivity powerhouse. Its powerful chip, large display, and versatile accessories like the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil make it a capable alternative to a traditional laptop. You can seamlessly switch between tasks, run demanding applications, and even edit 4K videos on the go.

The Future of iPad

With the M4 chip, Apple has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible on a tablet. The iPad Pro is no longer just a consumption device; it’s a full-fledged creation and productivity tool that can rival many laptops. As developers continue to tap into the M4’s potential, we can expect even more innovative and powerful apps to emerge, further solidifying the iPad Pro’s position as the ultimate mobile workstation.

Key Takeaways

  • Apple’s iPad Pro has undertaken a major design overhaul.
  • The OLED display offers improved visuals with a slimmer profile.
  • Powered by the M4 chip, the device promises top-tier performance.

Design and Display Features

The 2024 Apple iPad Pro sets a new standard in tablet engineering with every design detail tailored for function and aesthetics. It shines with an OLED display known for its vivid colors and stark contrasts.

Innovative Display Technologies

The latest iPad Pro boasts a Tandem OLED screen. This technology layers two OLED displays to enhance color accuracy and deepen black levels. The Ultra Retina XDR display utilizes new OLED technology for better responsiveness and peak brightness. Users enjoy a Nano-texture glass option, which reduces glare for a clearer view in any lighting condition.

Design Evolution of the iPad Pro

Continuous design refinements over the years culminate in the 2024 iPad Pro’s thin and light build. Available in sleek silver and space black, the device measures just 5.1 mm in thickness for the 13-inch model, promising effortless portability. Apple ensures the chassis remains strong despite the featherweight profile. The integration of the M4 chip does not compromise the compact design, allowing for maximum performance in a minimal footprint.

Performance and Capabilities

The new iPad Pro with the M4 chip boasts significant enhancements in processing speed, connectivity, and creative functionality. This device is a powerhouse for professionals and creatives alike.

Processing Power and Performance

The latest iPad Pro comes equipped with an M4 chip, which features a 10-core GPU and CPU. This processor delivers up to 25% higher CPU performance compared to the earlier M3 chip. Users will find the 13-inch and 11-inch models capable of handling complex tasks easily. The inclusion of a 16-core Neural Engine further empowers AI-related tasks, making the tablet a strong choice for machine learning applications.

Enhanced Connectivity and Storage Options

Apple has updated the iPad Pro with a variety of storage configurations, including options from 128GB up to 1TB. The device supports Wi-Fi 6E and 5G for rapid internet speeds, ensuring that users can quickly download and upload content. The Wi-Fi + Cellular models offer even more versatility for on-the-go connectivity. Additionally, it is now easier to manage large files and complex applications, thanks to the improved memory bandwidth.

Software Ecosystem and Creative Tools

With the new M4 chip, the iPad Pro runs iPadOS smoothly and supports professional applications like Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. Users have access to a wide array of apps via the App Store, which can leverage the upgraded hardware for better performance. The Apple Pencil Pro turns the iPad into a creative studio, working seamlessly with the Ultra Retina XDR display for precise and vibrant creations. The superb battery life ensures that productivity is not compromised.

What’s In The Box

Along with the iPad Pro you get a USB-C Charging Cable and 20W USB-C Power Adapter Included