Best Multiplayer iPad Games

Olivia Garcia

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iPads offer a super fun way to play games with others. Here’s a look at some of the best multiplayer iPad games out there:

Multiplayer Games Rock!

Games for Cooperative Play

  • Minecraft: Craft, build, and explore endless worlds together. This game’s creative mode lets you team up for amazing projects.
  • Spaceteam: Yell technobabble at each other while desperately trying to keep a malfunctioning spaceship from exploding. It’s as hilarious as it sounds!
  • Overcooked! series: A chaotic, fun cooking experience where teamwork is essential to keeping orders flowing out of your kitchen.

Competitive Games

  • Among Us: A social deduction game where everyone’s a potential suspect! Work together to finish tasks while trying to root out (or secretly BE) the imposter.
  • Brawlhalla: Smash, blast, and spike your opponents off the stage in this fast-paced platform fighter.
  • Clash Royale: This game combines fast-paced card action with tower defense. Challenge friends to real-time battles.

Other Genres

  • Heads Up! A classic charades-style game where you guess words based on your friends’ acting or descriptions.
  • Exploding Kittens A strategic card game loaded with humor, where the goal is to avoid felines that go BOOM!
  • Table Tennis Touch: Take on a friend in a realistic and fast-paced game of ping pong.

Here’s a table outlining some of the features of the games mentioned above:

Game TitleGenreTypeNotes
MinecraftAdventure/SandboxCooperativeEndless possibilities
SpaceteamPartyCooperativeRequires communication
Overcooked! seriesAction/SimulationCooperativeFrantic and fun
Among UsSocial DeductionCompetitiveWho can you trust?
BrawlhallaFightingCompetitiveEasy to learn, difficult to master
Clash RoyaleStrategy/Card GameCompetitiveReal-time battles
Heads Up!PartyCompetitiveGreat for groups
Exploding KittensCard GameCompetitiveHumorous and strategic
Table Tennis TouchSportsCompetitiveRealistic gameplay

Additional Notes:

  • Consider the age group of your players when choosing a game.
  • Some games require additional in-app purchases for specific features or content.
  • Be sure to check the specific multiplayer capabilities of each game before downloading.

Best Multiplayer iPad Games (Multiple Devices)

MinecraftSandbox, AdventureExplore, build, and survive in a world limited only by your imagination, with friends or online through servers.
RobloxSocial, CreationPlay millions of user-created games and experiences with friends, or create your own and share them with the world.
The Elder Scrolls: BladesAction RPGEmbark on quests, slay foes, and explore dungeons in a Bethesda-quality RPG designed specifically for mobile.
Call of Duty: MobileFirst-person shooterExperience iconic maps, modes, and weapons from the Call of Duty franchise in a fast-paced mobile shooter.
League of Legends: Wild RiftMOBAThe strategic 5v5 MOBA experience comes to mobile, with champions, abilities, and objectives faithfully recreated.
PUBG MobileBattle RoyaleBattle it out against 99 other players on a shrinking map, scavenging for weapons and surviving to be the last one standing.
Mario Kart TourRacingRace iconic Mario characters on familiar tracks from the series, with online multiplayer and seasonal content.
Brawl StarsTop-down shooterTeam up with friends in 3v3 battles or battle royale matches, collecting brawlers with unique abilities and strategic depth.
Among UsSocial deductionPlay with friends or online in this social deduction game where you must identify the imposters trying to sabotage your spaceship.
Chess – Play & LearnStrategyPlay chess online with friends or against AI opponents, with lessons and puzzles to improve your skills.

These are just a few of the many great multiplayer iPad games available. When choosing a game, consider what genres you and your friends enjoy, as well as your preferred control schemes and level of commitment. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect game to have fun and connect with others on your iPad.

The Ultimate Guide to Multiplayer iPad Games

Gaming on an iPad has evolved significantly, offering a wide range of experiences that cater to different types of players. Whether you’re into fast-paced action games, strategic battles, or casual games to play with friends, there’s something for everyone. This guide dives into the best multiplayer iPad games, drawing from user recommendations, expert reviews, and personal experiences to help you find your next favorite game.

Top Picks for Every Gamer

  1. For Strategy Lovers: Clash Royale
    • Epic Real-Time PvP Battles: Dive into intense 3v3 battles, strategize with teammates, and climb the ranks in this addictive mix of strategy and action.
  2. Family Fun: 2 Player Games: The Challenge
    • Versatile Mini-Games Collection: Whether you’re looking for a quick match with a friend on one device or challenging the AI, this game offers a variety of mini-games that are perfect for quick, fun sessions.
  3. Co-op Adventures: Diablo Immortal
    • MMORPG with Action & Adventure: Team up with friends or join forces with players from around the world in this expansive role-playing game, offering deep narratives and cooperative gameplay.
  4. Competitive Sports: Golf Blitz
    • Multiplayer Golf Battles: Experience the thrill of golf with a twist. Compete in real-time with players worldwide in this fast-paced, action-packed version of golf.
  5. Casual Party Games: Brawl Stars
    • Epic 3v3 and Battle Royale: Grab two friends and jump into the chaotic world of Brawl Stars, where quick matches, diverse game modes, and colorful characters await.

Why These Games Stand Out

  • Variety of Genres: From strategy and RPGs to sports and casual mini-games, these titles showcase the diversity of multiplayer gaming on the iPad.
  • Accessibility: Most of these games are easy to pick up but offer enough depth to keep players engaged for hours.
  • Social Interaction: Whether it’s teaming up for a common goal or competing against each other, these games provide a platform for meaningful social interaction.
  • Regular Updates: Developers of these games are committed to keeping the content fresh with regular updates, new features, and seasonal events.

Summary of Facts

  • Clash Royale combines strategy, tower defense, and card game elements in real-time PvP battles.
  • 2 Player Games: The Challenge offers a collection of mini-games for two players on one device, perfect for quick gaming sessions.
  • Diablo Immortal brings the beloved Diablo franchise to mobile, offering a rich MMORPG experience with cooperative gameplay.
  • Golf Blitz and Brawl Stars provide fast-paced, competitive multiplayer experiences with unique twists on traditional sports and battle royale genres.

Best Multiplayer iPad Games (Same Device)

Heads Up!PartyGuess the word on your forehead based on clues given by your friends.Up to 6 players, fast-paced and hilarious.
Exploding Kittens® The Official GameCard, StrategyDraw cards, avoid exploding kittens, and be the last player standing.Up to 5 players, lighthearted and strategic.
The OrchardBoard Game, StrategyCollect fruit cards and score points based on set combinations.Up to 4 players, simple rules with depth.
AirConsoleCompilationPlay a variety of mini-games using your mobile devices as controllers.Up to 8 players, diverse genres and casual gameplay.
BombSquadAction, PartyDefuse bombs, avoid explosions, and be the last bomber standing.Up to 8 players, chaotic and fun.
Badland PartyAction, PuzzleControl adorable creatures through wacky obstacles and challenges.Up to 4 players, cooperative and competitive modes.
Real Racing 3RacingCompete in real-world tracks with stunning visuals and precise controls.Up to 8 players, local and online multiplayer.
Worms RumbleAction, StrategyBlast your opponents with wacky weapons in fast-paced arena battles.Up to 64 players online, hectic and hilarious.
Chess – Play & LearnStrategyChallenge your friends to a classic game of chess, with tutorials and puzzles to improve your skills.Up to 2 players, timeless strategy gameplay.
Fruit Ninja®Action, ArcadeSlice fruits and avoid bombs in this fast-paced and addictive game.Up to 2 players, simple yet satisfying gameplay.


What makes a good multiplayer game on the iPad?

A good multiplayer game on the iPad should offer engaging gameplay, easy controls optimized for touch screens, and a balanced competitive environment. Social features like in-game chat, friend lists, and cooperative missions add to the experience.

Can I play these games with friends who don’t have an iPad?

Some of these games offer cross-platform play, allowing iPad users to play with friends on different devices. Check the game’s details for specific information about cross-platform support.

Are there any free multiplayer games for the iPad?

Yes, many multiplayer games on the iPad are free to play. However, they might offer in-app purchases for cosmetic items, in-game currency, or premium content.

By exploring these multiplayer games, players can discover new ways to connect, compete, and cooperate with others, making the most of their iPad gaming experience. Whether you’re looking for a game to play with a friend on the couch or an online adventure to embark on with players from around the globe, the iPad offers a rich and diverse gaming landscape to explore.