Turn Your Apple Watch into a Bedside Clock with Nightstand Mode

by Sarah Dobson on May 11, 2020

Most Apple Watch users charge their watch every night, placing it on the charger as part of their bedtime routine. If you just lay it flat on the charger, however, you’re missing out on one of the Apple Watch’s best features: Nightstand Mode. To use Nightstand Mode, set your watch on its side, buttons up, and connect its charger to the back (a stand like the Twelve South HiRise makes this easier). The screen switches to displaying the time in a large, green font, along with the day and date, and a charging icon. If you’ve set an alarm on the watch with Siri or the Alarms app, you’ll also see alarm info. When you first enter Nightstand Mode, the Apple Watch screen stays on for about a minute, but then it goes black so it’s not lighting up your darkened bedroom. Here’s the best part, though: if you wake up and want to see what time it is, just tap the watch or—even better!—tap the surface it’s on, and the screen lights up for 10 seconds before going dark again.