Apple AirTag 101, Everything You Ever Needed To Know

Apple AirTag 101, Everything You Ever Needed To Know

Do you scramble every morning, trying to find your keys, wallet, backpack, or other daily essentials when you need them the most? It’s probably the last thing you want to deal with when you’re on your way to work, school, or running errands in a time crunch. Fortunately, help is here. Apple AirTags are easy-to-use accessories that can give you a digital helping hand when you need to get reunited with your must-have items.

Apple AirTags are the perfect compact size to store in your everyday bags or even in your pockets. You can also buy Apple-designed accessories, including loops and keyrings, to attach AirTags to your keys, lanyard, backpack, luggage, and other things.

What are AirTags?

Apple AirTags are small, lightweight, disc-shaped tracking gadgets that support one of the newest wireless technologies, Ultra-Wideband (compatible with iPhone 11 and 12 series). This new wireless technology enables you to detect the precise proximity between the objects you’re looking for. 


Fear not. Apple AirTags are compatible with older iPhones that support Bluetooth (iPhone Series X and under don’t support Ultra-Wideband). AirTag works with any iPhone and connects into the expansive, global Find My network to locate your lost or misplaced item.

AirTag is impressively accurate, too — your iPhone can detect whether your AirTag is dozens of feet away or just an inch from your iPhone. AirTag features a built-in speaker and will emit an audible beep that lets you know whether you’re “cold” or “hot.” It’ll even show you an arrow on the Find My app that points you in the right direction! Precision Finding guides you to your AirTag with a combination of sound, haptics, and visual feedback.


The Find My network can also help you track down your AirTag, even if you’re separated from it and out of Bluetooth range. With close to a billion Apple devices using Find My network, it can detect Bluetooth signals from a lost AirTag and then relay its location back to the owner.

Thanks to Lost Mode, when someone with an iPhone walks by or is near it, AirTag pings out a silent signal and communicates with the passersby iPhone. It then passes on the message to your iCloud that your AirTag has been spotted and shows up in your account to let you know its most recent location. Not to worry. It can do all this in the background, anonymously, and privately.

Easy and Magical Set-Up Process

Setting up an AirTag is a breeze. Once the AirTag is near your iPhone, it’ll connect. Once set up, the AirTag appears in your new items tab in the Find My app. We recommend getting multiple Apple AirTags, especially if you tend to misplace numerous things. To keep your AirTags organized in your iPhone, you can assign Apple AirTags to an item, such as “Keys,” “Handbag,” or give it a custom name of your choosing.

You may be wondering if the AirTag will stop working if it gets wet. Fortunately, Apple AirTags feature precision-etched polished stainless steel that is IP67 water and dust resistant. So, yes, it can handle the elements.

Apple AirTags get their power from a CR2032 battery and can last up to a year before you need to replace the battery. But, unlike some other devices, an AirTag battery is simple to replace!

Personalize Your Apple AirTags

Besides just being fantastic all-around devices, iPhones gain added coolness points because you can let your personality shine through with unique and colorful cases. Now, you can personalize your Apple AirTags to suit your mood or style, too. You can get your AirTags engraved with text, making them a thoughtful gift for almost any occasion, and you can choose from a selection of 31 emojis to add a funky final touch.


We talked a bit about the Apple-designed accessories you can buy, so keep an eye out for polyurethane loops and even leather loops and leather keyrings made from specially tanned European leather. Each of these accessories fits securely around your AirTag and are sure to complement anything they’re attached to.

Built-in Privacy and Security

These days everyone is concerned about their privacy and security. Apple has put several measures in place to ensure that your AirTag won't be misused. Apple AirTag does not physically store any location data or location history. Only the owner of the AirTag has access to its location data. Not even Apple knows the identity or location of any device used to help find it!

These smart devices also ensure there’s no unwanted tracking by rotating the Bluetooth signal identifiers transmitted by your AirTag. These handy location trackers even know when they're not with their owner for an extended amount of time; they’ll play a sound when moved to draw attention to it, so thieves beware!

Have More Questions? Ask Your Local Apple Experts!

Apple AirTags are poised to be your new must-have accessory to track down and locate your missing items. But if you still have questions about their uses or function, you can count on your local neighborhood Apple Premier Partner to help! All our nationwide Simply Mac locations feature friendly and knowledgeable Apple Certified technicians that are ready to give you the answers you’re looking for. Stop by today!

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