Airtag Replace Battery

Can You Re-Charge AirTags?

Diego Martinez

No, you can’t re-charge an Airtag. The battery inside it is meant to be replaced when it gets low (and ...

Russian Blue Cat With Black Collar

Can You Use An AirTag To Track A Cat Or Dog?

Ali Mohammadi

Yes, even though they aren’t necessarily designed for it, Airtags can (and are) used to track pets like dogs and ...

white and gray round device

How Do AirTags Work: Understanding Apple’s Tracking Technology

Owen Woods

Apple’s AirTag is a small tracking device designed to help locate lost items through the Find My app. Introduced by ...

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Apple AirTags 101: Essentials of Using and Benefiting from Apple’s Tracking Device

Olivia Garcia

Apple AirTags are small, coin-shaped devices that enable users to keep track of their belongings using their iPhone and the ...

Airtag Replace Battery

How to Replace The Battery Inside An AirTag

Noah Walker

AirTags come with a user-replaceable battery, which means that you don’t need to charge them frequently or take them to ...