Apple Rumored To Be Working On An All-New iPhone SE4. Possible Release in 2025

Olivia Garcia

iPhone SE4

Apple is reportedly working on a new version of the iPhone SE (4th Gen) to update the lineup. This redesign is expected to eliminate the ‘Home Button’ for Apple users, which is a widely anticipated change for this release. With the removal of the home button comes new features like FaceID and a notch, similar to what we’ve seen with iPhone models such as the iPhone 14. In fact, leaked images suggest that this budget phone will look a lot like the iPhone 14, which could be what Apple is aiming for. There have been various rumors about the release date, but the most likely timeframe is in 2025.

It could be launched mid-year as part of a refresh cycle or in September, alongside the iPhone 17 launch. This model is expected to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors by offering users a more affordable entry point into the iPhone ecosystem while still retaining key features that customers expect from Apple. Other leaks suggest that the SE4 will include a 5G chip created by Apple and enhancements that bring it closer to Apple’s flagship models. These upgrades could include an OLED display, a design overhaul, and possibly even an improved camera system. Apple’s strategy with the SE line has always been to balance performance and price, and this upcoming release is expected to maintain that balance while incorporating modern tech advancements.

iPhone SE 4: The Latest Rumors and What to Expect

Apple’s popular budget-friendly smartphone, the iPhone SE, may be getting a major update soon. While nothing is officially confirmed by Apple, here’s a breakdown of the latest rumors and leaks surrounding the potential iPhone SE 4.

Design Changes

  • Goodbye Home Button: Analysts predict the iPhone SE 4 might ditch the classic Home Button and Touch ID in favor of a design resembling the iPhone XR/11, with an edge-to-edge display and a notch for Face ID.
  • Larger Screen: This updated design could mean a larger screen size, potentially 6.1 inches.

Potential Specifications

  • Powerful Processor: The iPhone SE 4 might use the powerful A16 Bionic chip or possibly even the A17 Bionic series, found in the iPhone 14/15 lineup. Some have speculated the A15 could carry over to the SE4 but that doesn’t make much sense as the SE3 uses that chip.
  • 5G Connectivity: 5G capabilities are expected, bringing it up to modern connectivity standards.
  • Storage and RAM: Details on storage size and RAM are still speculative.

Release Date Uncertainty

Analysts are divided on the potential release date of the iPhone SE 4:

Predicted Release WindowSource(s)
2024 (Not Likely)Multiple Analysts, including Ming-Chi Kuo
2025MacRumors (

Why the iPhone SE 4 Matters

  • Budget-Friendly Upgrade: For users seeking a more affordable iPhone with updated features, the SE 4 could be compelling.
  • Compact Design?: It remains to be seen if the updated iPhone SE will still maintain its smaller form factor that some users prefer.

Remember: It’s All Speculation

Until Apple makes an official announcement, the features, design, and even the existence of the iPhone SE 4 remain as rumors.

Key Takeaways

  • Apple plans to release the iPhone SE 4 in 2025.
  • The new iPhone SE 4 may include an OLED display and a revamped design.
  • Apple aims to provide a budget-friendly iPhone with current features.

Anticipated Features and Specifications

The upcoming iPhone SE 4 is poised to bring significant updates in design, performance, and camera technology. Apple aims to offer advanced features in a more affordable package with the iPhone SE line.

Design and Display Enhancements

Apple may introduce a 6.1-inch OLED display, moving away from the traditional LCD screens. This shift means more vibrant colors and deeper blacks for the iPhone SE 4. Rumors suggest the iPhone SE 4 will have a notch, possibly housing Face ID sensors, and moving on from the Home Button. The inclusion of an OLED screen and new form factors could present a fresh look for iPhone SE fans.

Performance and Hardware

Performance-wise, the iPhone SE 4 might feature Apple’s A16 Bionic chip, promising fast and efficient processing power. With 5G modem integration, users can expect improved Internet speeds. It is likely to support more RAM and offer various storage options, enhancing multitasking capabilities and space for files and apps. The adoption of a USB-C port aligns with broader industry standards and could improve charging and data transfer speeds.

Camera and Imaging Capabilities

The camera on the iPhone SE 4 could see upgrades with Apple’s Deep Fusion and Smart HDR technologies, improving photo fidelity in various lighting conditions. Although retaining a single-lens rear camera, it may support advanced features like 1080p Cinematic Mode and Portrait Mode. Apple’s focus on camera improvements will surely enrich the photo and video experience for the users.

Release Strategy and Market Positioning

Apple is set to launch the iPhone SE 4 in 2025, aimed at the budget-friendly phone market. This move reflects a focus on maintaining a presence in the entry-level smartphone category.

Pricing and Availability

Rumored Price: Experts suggest the iPhone SE 4 might start slightly higher than its predecessor but still under the mid-range price point.

  • iPhone SE (2022): $429 for 64GB
  • Possible iPhone SE 4 Starting Price: Approximately $450 for the base model

Apple looks to keep the new iPhone SE 4 competitive while ensuring it remains a budget option.

Consumer Expectations and Competition

Customers expect the iPhone SE 4 to offer modern features at a lower cost. They want value for money which often means a good camera, long battery life, and smooth performance. Brands like Samsung and OnePlus offer strong alternatives with features such as OLED panels and powerful processors. Apple’s challenge is to match or top these offerings with the iPhone SE 4.

Supply Chain and Manufacturing

Apple’s strategy involves partnerships with key suppliers like Samsung Display, Tianma, and BOE for screen components. For other parts like processors, Apple might turn to Qualcomm or develop its own. Manufacturing will need to be cost-effective to keep the iPhone SE 4 affordable. Managing the supply chain is vital to ensure the phone is ready for its 2025 release.

Apple’s release of the iPhone SE 4 in 2025 will mark its ongoing effort to attract budget-conscious consumers who desire an iPhone experience. With a careful balance of pricing and timely availability, Apple aims to stay relevant in the competitive market of cheap phones.

Consumer Expectations and Competition

Customers expect the iPhone SE 4 to offer up-to-date features at a more accessible price point. They are looking for efficient performance, solid battery life, and a quality camera system. Apple’s main competitors include tech giants like Samsung, who provide high-quality OLED displays in their phones. To stay ahead, Apple must ensure the iPhone SE 4 meets or exceeds these standards while remaining affordable.

Supply Chain and Manufacturing

In preparation for the iPhone SE 4’s debut, Apple is sourcing parts from multiple suppliers like Samsung Display, Tianma, and BOE for components such as screens. Partnerships with key suppliers contribute to a reliable supply chain, essential for meeting manufacturing deadlines. Apple may rely on Qualcomm for essential hardware or opt to use its own custom parts to maintain performance levels in the entry-level iPhone while keeping costs low. Effective supply chain management is crucial for the timely release and to keep the final price of the iPhone SE 4 within its target budget range.