How to Split Screen on iPad

Owen Woods

iPad Split Screen

Multitasking on the iPad has evolved with each iPadOS update, and using the Split View feature can boost productivity by allowing users to operate two apps side-by-side. Users can work on a document in one pane while browsing the web in another, or take notes while watching a lecture. The iPad’s intuitive user interface makes setting up and adjusting the size of these app windows simple.

iPadOS brings Slide Over to the multitasking experience, allowing users to have an app appear in a floating window over two other apps in Split View. This feature is helpful for referencing information quickly without having to leave the current task. With a gesture or a few taps, users can switch between apps, adjust the Split View, and control the Slide Over panel, turning the iPad into a multitasking powerhouse.

Mastering Multitasking: Split Screen on Your iPad

The iPad’s split-screen feature, introduced in iOS 9, lets you use two apps side-by-side, boosting your productivity and streamlining your workflow. There are a few different ways to activate split screen, depending on your iPad model and iOS version.

Using the Dock to Split Screen

  1. Open the first app you want to use in split screen.
  2. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the Dock.
  3. Touch and hold the second app’s icon in the Dock.
  4. Drag the icon to either the left or right edge of the screen.
  5. Release the icon, and the second app will open in split screen alongside the first.

Using the Multitasking Menu to Split Screen

  1. Open the first app.
  2. Tap the three dots at the top center of the screen to open the Multitasking menu.
  3. Tap the Split View button (two overlapping rectangles).
  4. Choose whether you want the first app on the left or right side of the screen.
  5. Tap the second app from your Home Screen or Dock to open it in split screen.

Adjusting Split Screen Views

  • Resize: Drag the divider between the two apps to adjust how much screen space each app gets.
  • Swap Positions: Tap and hold the top of either app, then drag it to the other side of the screen.
  • Exit Split View: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and tap the app you want to keep open in full screen.

App Compatibility and Limitations

FeatureSplit ViewSlide Over
Use two apps side-by-sideYesNo
Adjust app sizeYesNo
Move the smaller windowNoYes
Works with any appMost appsYes

Not all apps support Split View, but most do. Slide Over, a similar feature, allows you to have a second app hover over the first in a smaller window. It works with any app.

Key Takeaways

  • iPad Split View enhances productivity by allowing two apps to run side-by-side.
  • Slide Over creates a floating app window for quick access while multitasking.
  • iPadOS multitasking features are designed for ease and flexibility.

Setting Up Split Screen

Splitting the screen on an iPad helps users do more at once. Here’s how to set up and use this feature.

Accessing Multitasking Menu

To start using two apps side by side, open an app and find the three dots at the top. This is the Multitasking Menu. Tap it and choose the Split View option.

Using The Dock

The Dock is key for selecting the second app. With the first app open, swipe up slightly to reveal the Dock. Tap on the second app you want to use and drag it to the screen’s left or right side.

Adjusting Split View

You can adjust how much space each app takes. Drag the black partition line in the middle to the left or right. This changes the view to make one app larger or smaller than the other.

Slide Over Functionality

For quick tasks, use Slide Over. Open an app, bring up the Multitasking Menu, and choose the Slide Over option. Now you can move this smaller app window around or slide it off and back onto the screen for fast access.

Advanced Multitasking Features

iPad users with demanding workflows benefit greatly from iPadOS’s advanced multitasking capabilities. These features enable efficient navigation between apps and content management, transforming an iPad into a productivity powerhouse.

Working with Multiple Windows

On an iPad Pro, managing multiple windows of the same app is now a breeze. Users can have two Notes app windows open side by side or even merge all open windows into a single view using the App Switcher. This helps when you need to compare content or transfer information from one place to another.

Drag and Drop between Apps

Drag and Drop is another powerful feature for multitasking on an iPad. It allows users to move content like files and photos across different apps with ease. By simply tapping and holding onto an item, they can then drag it out of one app and into another. This is especially handy for tasks such as organizing files or compiling information from multiple sources.

Using Stage Manager on iPadOS

For users who crave more real estate and flexibility, Stage Manager on iPadOS is a game-changer. It helps to manage multiple apps and windows, automatically adjusting them to fit the screen. Users can effortlessly switch between tasks and view multiple windows at once, which significantly boosts multitasking efficiency on the iPad Pro.