Straighten Crooked Photos Quickly and Easily with This Tip

by Sarah Dobson on August 19, 2019

Did you accidentally take a crooked photo? Don’t fret—you can straighten it quickly using Apple’s Photos app on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. On the iPhone or iPad, select the photo and tap Edit. Then tap the Crop button. This actually makes sense, because some of the photo has to be cropped out as it straightens. Photos may auto-straighten your photo next; if it does, when the dial appears at the right of the image, it will show a Reset button in case you want to undo the straightening. Regardless, drag up or down on the dial to adjust the photo while checking it against the superimposed grid. Tap Done to finish. Straightening works the same way on the Mac—in Sierra, the Crop button even looks the same and is in the same place, but in High Sierra, the Crop button is above the edit view, on the horizontal toolbar.