Apple Store Locations in Idaho

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Apple stores have become a go-to destination for technology enthusiasts who are seeking the latest in innovative and stylish products. In Idaho, shoppers can visit Apple’s retail stores to get a hands-on experience with the latest gadgets. Boise Towne Square is one of the key locations where customers can explore a wide range of Apple products, get assistance at the Genius Bar, and participate in Today at Apple programs.

The retail space is climate-controlled, making it comfortable for customers to shop for all their Apple needs. Visitors can find comprehensive services for their devices, including troubleshooting and repairs. Local residents, as well as those from surrounding regions, can access this technology hub, which reflects Apple’s commitment to providing readily available and expert service points.

Where to Find an Apple Store in Idaho

Idaho is home to just one Apple Store. However, this store is large and includes all the amenities customers have come to expect from the popular electronics giant.

Apple Store Boise Towne Square

The Apple Store at Boise Towne Square has a full range of Apple products on display. You can get your hands on the latest iPhone or MacBook, as well as iPads, Apple Watches, AirPods, and more. The store even has a wide selection of HomePod and Apple TV devices.

Workshops and Events

Apple Stores are more than just retail spaces. They also offer regular events and hands-on workshops for customers. These sessions provide a great way to learn about new Apple products. Plus, there are specialized programs for specific audiences and interests. This can include coding workshops for kids or photography classes for aspiring artists.

Genius Bar

Need help with your Apple devices? The Apple Store Boise Towne Square features an official Genius Bar. Here, you can get support for hardware and software issues. The Genius Bar staff are highly knowledgeable, and can often address problems on the spot.

Location and Hours

Apple Store Boise Towne Square350 N Milwaukee St
Boise, ID 83704
Monday-Saturday: 11:00AM – 7:00PM
Sunday: 12:00PM- 6:00PM


350 North Milwaukee Street
Boise, ID 83704

(208) 377-6500

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How to get There

The Apple Store is located in the center of the lower level. Boise Towne Square is located a half-mile north of the Interstate 84-184 split in western Boise. Traveling Interstate 184, take exit 1A for Franklin Road and follow signs to Boise Towne Square.

You can find more information about the Apple Store Boise Towne Square by visiting the official Apple website.

Key Takeaways

  • Apple stores in Idaho offer a range of services, including sales and technical support.
  • Boise Towne Square is a primary location for Apple customers in Idaho.
  • Apple’s retail locations emphasize convenient, hands-on experiences for shoppers.

Exploring Apple Stores in Idaho

Apple Stores in Idaho offer a variety of products and services. From the latest iPhone models to expert advice, these stores provide a comprehensive shopping experience.

Locations and Services

In Idaho, the Apple Store at Boise Towne Square is known for its wide range of products and services. Shoppers can find the latest iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches. Services at these locations include the Genius Bar for technical support and the option to trade in eligible devices for credit.

  • Products Available: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV
  • Services Offered: Genius Bar, trade-ins, Apple at Work program

Shopping Experience and Offers

Customers at Idaho Apple Stores can expect a seamless shopping experience. They can explore carrier deals on iPhone models and participate in Apple Card monthly installments for an affordable purchase. The store also offers pickup options for online orders for added convenience.

  • Special Offers: iPhone carrier deals, Apple Card monthly installments
  • Shopping Perks: Online order pickup, expert advice on products

Customer Support and Learning Opportunities

Apple’s commitment to support and learning is evident through their programs. The Genius Bar provides personalized technical assistance. ‘Today at Apple’ hosts free sessions for customers to learn about their devices, while small business teams offer tailored advice to business owners.

  • Support Services: Genius Bar, online support
  • Learning Programs: Today at Apple, Small Business team support

Economic and Environmental Initiatives

Apple Stores work towards a better environment while supporting local economies. The brand aims for carbon-neutral operations, reflecting its stance on environmental responsibility. Privacy and terms of use are enforced to protect customer information.

  • Environmental Goals: Carbon neutral practices
  • Community Impact: Local economy support, strict privacy standards