Apple Store Locations in Nebraska

Olivia Garcia

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Nebraska is known for its wide open prairies and vibrant cities, and it also offers modern retail experiences for tech-savvy consumers. There’s a very popular Apple Store location in the state located in Omaha. This store not only offers the latest Apple technology, but also provides a range of services to help customers with their devices. Shoppers can find everything from iPhones to MacBooks and can get support for their devices.

The Apple Store in Nebraska is at Village Pointe in Omaha, which has extended hours so visitors have plenty of time to explore products or get help. Customers can expect hands-on assistance from knowledgeable staff, and they can receive technical support at the Genius Bar for any Apple device issues.


Omaha, Village Pointe

Find Your Nearest Apple Store in Nebraska


Apple Store, Village Pointe
Address: 17170 Davenport Street Omaha, NE 68118
Phone: (402) 970-4477

There’s only one Apple Store in Nebraska, found in Omaha. For the exact address and phone number, check the information above.

Key Takeaways

  • Nebraska hosts Apple Stores, offering the latest tech and customer service.
  • Village Pointe in Omaha stands out for its extended hours and hands-on experience.
  • Customers can purchase products and receive device support at these locations.

Apple Store Locations in Nebraska

Nebraska is home to Apple Store locations where customers can enjoy the Apple experience. They offer a variety of products and in-store services including technical support.

Village Pointe

The Apple Store at Village Pointe in Omaha is a place where individuals can purchase Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It provides hands-on access to the latest Apple technology. Customers can also join programs at Today at Apple or receive support at the Genius Bar. The specific address is Village Pointe, 17170 Davenport St, Omaha, NE.

Davenport Street

This Omaha location ensures that the Apple Store experience is accessible to residents in the area. Here, people can find iPhones, Macs, Apple Watches, and iPads. Specialists are available to answer questions and help you get started with new devices. Technical support at the Genius Bar can solve any issues you might face. You can find the store hours and a map on Apple’s website to plan your visit.

Services and Experience

Apple Stores in Nebraska offer a tailored experience for customers seeking the latest in technology and support. They provide hands-on product demos, comprehensive support services, and enticing purchase options.

Product Availability and Demos

Apple Stores display a vast array of products including the latest iPhone models, Apple Watches, and more. Customers can try out these devices firsthand and receive detailed demos from staff. For those interested in the Apple Vision Pro, it’s possible to review this in store during business hours.

Support and Services

With the Genius Bar, users have access to top-tier support for any Apple device. Issues are resolved efficiently to ensure minimal downtime. Businesses may engage with the Apple at Work program or consult with the small business team for bespoke solutions.

Purchases and Deals

When buying devices, customers can benefit from various purchase methods such as Apple Card Monthly Installments or carrier deals for phones. Trade-in options are available to offset new purchase costs. Moreover, visitors can learn about carrier plans and get answers to their questions about iPhone carrier deals.