AirPods 4 Coming Later This Year: What We Know So Far

Ali Mohammadi


Apple fans are looking forward to the next generation of AirPods, which could be the most significant launch yet. Rumors suggest the AirPods 4 may have a new design, two models, and features like noise cancellation and USB-C charging, potentially changing how we listen to music and use our devices. Keep an eye out for updates as we get closer to the rumored release date. While Apple has not officially announced the AirPods 4, there’s speculation about their potential release date, design, features, and more.

Apple is expected to refresh its wireless earbud lineup with the launch of the AirPods 4, building on the success of previous models. Consumers are eager to see how Apple will innovate the design and whether new functions will be included. Speculation suggests the AirPods 4 could include Apple’s latest audio technology, potentially improving user experience and sound quality. Pricing is also a hot topic, with many wondering if Apple will maintain its pricing strategy or adjust it in response to market trends.

AirPods 4 are expected to be released sometime in late 2024. Here are some things that have been predicted about the next generation of AirPods:

  • Design: Some say the AirPods 4 will be a mix of the AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro 2.
  • Features: The AirPods 4 may include noise canceling, a case with Find My alert functionality, and Apple’s H2 chip, which was first used in the AirPods Pro 2. The H2 chip could improve energy efficiency, processing power, and battery life.
  • Price: There may be two versions of the AirPods 4, with the cheaper option lacking some of the features of the more expensive version. 

The Next Generation of AirPods: Leaks and Rumors

Potential Release Date

Apple is planning to release the 4th generation AirPods in 2024, according to reports by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The company is expected to discontinue AirPods 2 and AirPods 3 this year, replacing them with two different versions of the AirPods 4. Although Apple has not confirmed a release date, there are rumors that suggest the AirPods 4 may be available in late 2024. Some reports point to a potential September launch alongside the new iPhone 16, while others indicate a possible release in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Design and Features

The AirPods 4 are expected to sport a fresh design, potentially blending elements from the AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro. This could mean shorter stems for a sleeker look.

Two Distinct Models

Rumors suggest that Apple will launch two versions of the AirPods 4: a higher-end model with noise cancellation and a lower-end model without. Both models are expected to include a USB-C charging case, but the higher-end version might also boast speakers for enhanced Find My integration.

Other Possible Features

  • H2 Chip: This chip, already present in the AirPods Pro 2, could boost battery life and improve audio quality.
  • Improved Fit: The AirPods 4 might offer a more secure and comfortable fit compared to previous models.
  • Bluetooth 5.3: This newer Bluetooth version could offer a more stable and efficient connection.

Feature Comparison Table

FeatureAirPods 4 (Lower-End)AirPods 4 (Higher-End)
Noise CancellationNoYes
USB-C Charging CaseYesYes
Speakers in Charging CaseNoYes
H2 ChipLikelyLikely
Improved FitLikelyLikely
Bluetooth 5.3LikelyLikely

Key Takeaways

  • AirPods 4 are expected to offer new design and feature upgrades.
  • Sound enhancements and user experience improvements are likely.
  • Pricing strategies for the AirPods 4 are yet to be revealed.

Design and Features

The upcoming AirPods 4 seem to blend form with functional upgrades. Users can look forward to aesthetic changes, new technology integrations, and usability features that improve everyday interactions with these wireless earbuds.

Aesthetic and Build

AirPods 4 are rumored to adopt a design that is a mix of the previous AirPods 3 and the AirPods Pro 2. This likely includes shorter stems for a more compact look and customized ear tips for a secure fit. The charging case may also see revisions, possibly supporting a USB-C port to align with the broader tech industry’s shift away from proprietary connections.

Advanced Technology

At the core of the AirPods 4 could be the H2 chip, which first appeared in the AirPods Pro 2. This chip might offer improved audio processing capabilities. There is also a possibility of enhanced connectivity with Bluetooth 5.3 support, potentially resulting in more stable and efficient wireless performance. Noise cancellation, while not confirmed, could be included to provide users with an immersive audio experience.

Usability Enhancements

AirPods 4 may include features such as Find My integration with precision tracking and Find My alerts, making them easier to locate if misplaced. Battery life improvements are also anticipated, allowing users to enjoy longer listening sessions. Furthermore, they might come equipped with adaptive audio adjustments, optimizing sound in real-time based on the environment.

Availability and Pricing

The release of AirPods 4 has stirred excitement for its potential availability and pricing structure. Apple’s history of product launches gives insights into what consumers might expect.

Market Release

The AirPods 4 are anticipated to hit the market in the second half of 2024. Analyst predictions based on Apple’s past launches suggest a potential release around September or October. Shipping dates will follow closely, ensuring eager customers get their hands on the latest model promptly after release.

Price Points

Though official prices are not confirmed, they are expected to align with previous AirPods models. The AirPods 3 launched at $179, setting a precedent for similar pricing. Leaks and rumors indicate a possibility of two versions at different price points, catering to varied budgets and needs.

Consumer Expectations

Customers are on the lookout for AirPods deals around the launch. While Apple seldom reduces prices for new models, the growing market competition might lead to attractive launch deals. Reviews from trusted sources will surface post-release, aiding consumers in their purchase decisions.