Benefits of Segways

  • Built for durability. Segways are no light-duty vehicles — they’re ready for rugged rides over many miles. These vehicles are built to last, to offer you solid value for their higher prices. From long rides to impacts, Segways are made to survive it all.
  • Perfect for urban Environments. Small, compact, and designed for portability, a Segway is fantastic for crowded cities and urban streets. You don’t have to worry about parking, and you can easily zip around any city. They even go where cars cannot.
  • Portable. Most Segways are designed to go anywhere. Many are built for portability, like electric scooters that fold down to a small size for easy carrying. While larger Segway vehicles aren’t able to be carried, the longer-range gives you plenty of room to ride.
  • Eco-friendly. If you’re looking for a cleaner, more eco-friendly way to get around, Segway vehicles produce zero emissions. Their electric power source is clean and safe for the environment, and you never have to rely on fuel.
  • Easy to use. If you’re worried about falling off a Segway, don’t — these products are pretty easy to learn. It’s easy to get the hang of your balance and master the speed controls on any Segway, and learning the ropes doesn’t take very long at all.

Key Features


Speed is one of the most important features in any Segway. No matter what kind of Segway vehicle you’re riding, you want to be able to ride fast — and speed can vary from product to product. While some Segways will top out at 12 miles per hour, you can find options that ride at 15 or even 18 miles per hour for increased speed. 


Along with speed, battery capacity is pretty critical. Without a good battery capacity, you can’t ride very far. The higher a Segway’s battery capacity, the farther you’ll be able to ride on a single charge. Bigger batteries can also offer more flexibility, like the ability to ride at top speed for longer periods. Lower battery capacities are far more limiting.


While flying down the street at high speeds might be the most exciting part of riding a Segway, it’s also important to consider braking and safety features. You want brakes that are responsive and easy to use, that keep you safe and in control of your vehicle. It’s also important to look at safety features like the stopping distance, headlights for night rides, and stability.


Most Segways come with plenty of tech, so it’s important to consider what kinds of tech features you want the most. From handy, clear displays to cruise control to advanced braking systems to Bluetooth and smartphone compatibility, there are a lot of options and a lot of possibilities depending on which Segway model you choose.