Are iPhone Photography Schools or Photo Courses Worth It?

Noah Walker

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With the rise of smartphone photography, iPhone users are seeking ways to improve their picture-taking skills. iPhone Photography School has emerged as a popular option, offering courses tailored to enhance photography using an iPhone. These courses claim to help students master the use of their device’s camera, as well as editing techniques to produce better photos. Understanding the effectiveness and value of these courses is vital for anyone looking to invest in their photography hobby or to elevate their professional skills.

The courses at iPhone Photography School cover a variety of topics, including the basics of composition, the use of natural light, and advanced editing in post-production. Reviews from several sources highlight the comprehensive nature of the curriculum, brought to students by knowledgeable instructors. However, prospective students often weigh the benefits against the costs: reviews point out the pros, cons, and they sometimes discuss discounts that might be available.

Investing in iPhone Photography Skills: Courses vs. Schools

iPhone Photography Schools

These comprehensive programs offer structured learning paths, covering technical skills, artistic principles, and post-processing techniques. They often include assignments, feedback from instructors, and community interaction. Schools like the iPhone Photography School (IPS) provide various courses tailored to different skill levels and interests.


  • Structured curriculum and learning path
  • Expert guidance and feedback
  • Community interaction and support
  • Access to exclusive resources and tools


  • Can be expensive
  • Time commitment required
  • Not suitable for everyone’s learning style

iPhone Photography Courses

These shorter, more focused courses typically delve into specific topics or techniques, like portrait photography, landscape photography, or editing with specific apps. They are often self-paced and can be found on platforms like Skillshare, Udemy, or CreativeLive.


  • More affordable than schools
  • Flexible learning schedule
  • Wide variety of topics available
  • Can be easily accessed online


  • Less structured than schools
  • Limited interaction with instructors or peers
  • May not cover all aspects of iPhone photography

Individualized Coaching

For a more personalized approach, consider hiring a photography coach who specializes in iPhone photography. They can provide tailored guidance and feedback, helping you develop your skills and style.


  • Personalized instruction and feedback
  • Customizable to your specific needs and goals
  • Can help you overcome specific challenges
  • Builds a strong foundation in photography principles


  • Most expensive option
  • Requires finding a qualified coach

Free Resources

Numerous free resources are available online, including YouTube tutorials, blogs, and articles. These can be a great way to learn the basics and get started with iPhone photography.


  • Free and easily accessible
  • Wide variety of content available
  • Can learn at your own pace


  • Less structured than paid options
  • May not be as comprehensive or in-depth
  • Difficult to find high-quality content

Which Option is Right for You?

The best choice for you will depend on your budget, learning style, and goals. If you’re serious about improving your iPhone photography skills and want a structured learning path, a school or coaching might be worth the investment. If you prefer a more flexible approach or want to learn specific techniques, a course or free resources might be a better fit.

Comparison Table

OptionCostStructureInteractionExpertiseTime Commitment
CourseLow to MediumMediumLowMediumLow to Medium
CoachingHighHighHighHighMedium to High
Free ResourcesFreeLowLowVariesLow

Key Takeaways

  • iPhone Photography School offers courses designed to improve photography with an iPhone.
  • The courses are comprehensive, covering from basic techniques to advanced editing.
  • Reviews are a mix of opinions about the value and effectiveness of these courses.

iPhone Photography School Courses

iPhone Photography School offers a series of online courses designed to help smartphone photographers of all levels improve their skills. These courses, focusing on aspects such as composition, lighting, and photo editing, are meant to unlock creativity using the iPhone camera.

Course Content and Structure

The courses are structured into several modules each with video tutorials and lessons. The curriculum ranges from introductory topics to more advanced techniques. Courses like iPhone Photo Academy and iPhone Editing Academy cover the essentials of taking and enhancing images. iPhone Landscape Mastery and iPhone Food Photography delve into specific genres. Each course aims to enhance users’ ability on the platform with practical skills that can be applied right away.

Instructors and Teaching Methodology

Professionals such as Emil Pakarklis, Clifford Pickett, Andrew Scrivani, and Simone Ferretti teach the courses. These experienced photographers bring their expertise directly to the students through clear and concise lessons. They focus on hands-on techniques that the students can easily practice. Their teaching methods are direct and aim to improve the skills of both beginners and enthusiasts joining the community.

Pricing and Enrollment Options

The cost for these courses ranges from $99 to $299, depending on which course a user picks. Payment options include a full upfront payment or three installments. Discounts are available at times. The company provides lifetime access to the courses, alongside a money-back guarantee. This pricing structure allows people with different budgets to access the courses and improve their iPhone photography skills.

Enhancing iPhone Photography Skills

To master iPhone photography, a blend of technical knowledge and artistic flair is key. From harnessing advanced camera settings to tapping into vibrant online communities, the journey to elevate your photography skills is multifaceted.

Advanced Techniques for Quality Improvement

Understanding camera settings is crucial. iPhone users can improve photo quality by experimenting with HDR and exposure adjustments. For example, enabling HDR mode can bring out more detail in the lightest and darkest parts of a photo. Courses like iPhone Landscape Mastery provide detailed guidance on these techniques. Additionally, mastering post-processing tools like Adobe Lightroom directly on your iPhone can drastically enhance the final image.

Leveraging Social Platforms and Communities

Instagram and YouTube are platforms where photographers can learn and share. Here, content creators find a community that offers feedback, inspiration, and support. iPhone Photography Academy (IPA) lessons often encourage sharing work with online communities to gain exposure. Engaging with these platforms helps photographers to keep up with trends, fostering continuous growth and skill development.

Diverse Genres and Specialized Fields

iPhone photography spans various genres. In courses like iPhone Video Academy or Urban iPhone Photography, students learn to apply skills to different subjects from portrait photography to dynamic street photography scenes. Specialized fields like food photography and landscape photography benefit from tailored techniques. Smartphone photography courses such as these, often created by experts like Mark Hemmings, help photographers harness their iPhones’ creative potential across a range of scenarios.