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Your new best friend is always looking out for you, and its name is the Apple Watch Series 6. This smartwatch is the ultimate fitness partner that helps you gain valuable insight into your health. When you’re not tracking your heart rate or getting your steps in, the Apple Watch Series 6 also keeps you connected with your digital sphere.
Simply Mac offers a variety of Apple Watch Series 6 models, each with its distinct features. Take the Apple Watch Series GPS + Cellular. This beauty ensures you arrive on time and at the right place — its built-in compass allows you to get directions without having to turn to your iPhone.
From measuring your blood oxygen and tracking your workouts to purchasing things with a mere swipe of your wrist, the Apple Watch Series 6 features everything you need and more!
We can’t rave about the new Apple Watch Series 6 without mentioning style. With a spectrum of Apple Watch Series 6 colors available, it’s the ultimate modern accessory that also helps you elevate your healthy, active, and connected lifestyle!
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Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS)