Want to Spend Less on iCloud Drive Storage for Your Family?

by Sarah Dobson on May 20, 2019

iCloud Drive is an easy way to store data online—photos in iCloud Photo Library, iOS backups, documents from iCloud-savvy apps, and more—but Apple provides only 5 GB of free space. If each member of a family pays for extra storage, it can get pricey. But now Family Sharing groups can save money by sharing a single 200 GB or 2 TB plan!

The family organizer can start sharing from the iCloud Storage screen in High Sierra or iOS 11 as follows: on the Mac, go to System Preferences > iCloud, click the Manage Family button, click My Apps & Services, and select iCloud Storage; in iOS, go to Settings > Your Name > Family Sharing > iCloud Storage. Any other family member with a paid plan should then cancel it and add themselves to the Family Sharing plan using their iCloud Storage screen.