Use Siri on the Mac to Find Your Files by Voice

by Sarah Dobson on May 13, 2019

You can search for files on your Mac from any Finder window by using the Search field at the far right of the toolbar or via Spotlight, but we’ve started using the Mac’s newest method, which takes advantage of the file-finding smarts that Apple has built into Siri. To try this, click the Siri icon (by default, it’s found near the right side of the menu bar, as well as on the Dock) and speak your search request. Examples of queries that work well for us include “find Pages documents from last month,” “show me the last spreadsheet that I worked on,” and “find all the PDFs in the Expo folder.” Just as with files in the Finder, you can preview an item in the results list with Quick Look by selecting it and pressing the Space bar, or open the item with a double-click.