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Turn on VIPs in Mail to Avoid Missing Important Messages

by Sarah Dobson on August 17, 2020

Most of us receive too much email, making it difficult to focus on key messages. To address this, Apple added a feature to Mail, called VIPs, that emphasizes email from your Very Important People. You can set up VIPs on the Mac or on any iOS device; if you use iCloud to sync Mail settings, your VIPs will also sync between devices. To make someone a VIP on the Mac, open a message from them, put the pointer to the left of their name in the message header, and click the star that appears. Email messages from VIPs appear in your Inbox, as well as in the VIPs menu on the Favorites bar (View > Show Favorites Bar) and in the automatically created VIPs mailbox. To get a Mail notification only when a message from a VIP rolls in, choose Mail > Preferences > General, and choose VIPs from the “New message notifications” pop-up menu. Then open System Preferences > Notifications, select Mail at the left, and pick your alert style at the right.