Travel through Time with Your Apple Watch

by Sarah Dobson on May 06, 2019

Your Apple Watch face probably has several complications, those little widgets that show extra information like your heart rate, next calendar event, and the temperature. (Check out our tips on How to Add Your Own Photos to the Apple Watch Face!) Wouldn’t it be cool if those complications could peer into the future and see what scheduled reminders are coming up and what the temperature will be for your evening workout? They can, thanks to watchOS 4’s Time Travel feature! Begin by opening the Watch app on your iPhone, tapping My Watch > Clock, and enabling the Time Travel switch. Now, view your watch face and turn the Digital Crown clockwise (away from you) to move forward in time; the time itself increments, as does the data in complications that support Time Travel. Turn the Digital Crown counter-clockwise to move backward—you can revisit the past too. To return to the current time, either press the Digital Crown or drop your watch-wearing wrist to your side—when you next raise your wrist everything on the watch face will be in the present.