The One-Tap Technique for Switching to One-Handed iPhone Typing

by Sarah Dobson on October 21, 2019

The iPhone’s one-handed typing mode is perfect for when you need to send a text message but have only one hand free for typing. You can switch the iPhone’s onscreen keyboard into one-handed typing mode in Settings > General > Keyboard > One Handed Keyboard, where you can select Left to make the keyboard slide left for use with your left thumb, Right for your right thumb, or Off to make it return to normal. For a faster switch, try this shortcut: tap and hold the smiley or globe button to the left of the Space bar. Then, from the bottom of the menu that appears, select the left-thumb keyboard, normal keyboard, or right-thumb keyboard. Once your other hand frees up, tap the arrow at the side of the keyboard to return to the normal keyboard.