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The Apple TV Has Parental Controls—Here’s How to Find Them

by Sarah Dobson on May 11, 2020

Although the Apple TV is easy enough for even young children to use for playing games and watching TV shows and movies, many things available via the Apple TV aren’t appropriate for kids. To make your child’s Apple TV experience more age-appropriate, you can turn on parental controls in Settings > General > Restrictions. On the Restrictions screen, first tap Restrictions to create a 4-digit passcode that you’ll use to change—or bypass—your restrictions. Then make your selections, such as limiting movies in iTunes to only those with G ratings. Non-Apple apps, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, don’t honor the Apple TV’s TV Shows and Movies restrictions. You can rein them in by setting the Apps option to All. That makes these apps request your Restrictions passcode at launch. Another approach is to set parental controls within an app’s account—with Amazon Prime and Netflix, account-based restrictions apply wherever the service is accessed, including on the Apple TV.