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The Apple Mail Shortcut for Switching to Reply All

by Sarah Dobson on March 25, 2019

Starting a reply to a message in the Mail app isn’t complicated, and you probably routinely click the single-arrow Reply button on the toolbar or press Command-R. What may drive you crazy, however, is when you’ve written a few paragraphs of a reply to a group message and then realized that you should have clicked the double-arrow Reply All button or pressed Command-Shift-R, so your reply will reach everyone in the thread. To solve this problem quickly, click the double-arrow Reply All button on the message’s toolbar or press Shift-Command-Shift-R to make Mail populate the To and Cc lines with the appropriate Reply All addresses. This tip also works in reverse—if you’ve started out by replying to all, but realize you want to reply only to the sender, simply click the Reply button or press Command-R!