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Start the New Year with an Apple Watch Activity Competition

by Sarah Dobson on March 11, 2019

Do your New Year’s resolutions involve fitness? With watchOS 5’s Activity Competition, you and an Apple Watch–using friend can compete to help reach your fitness goals. In an Activity Competition, you and your friend each try to score the most points over the course of a week. Points are based on filling your stand, move, and exercise rings, with 1 point earned for each ring percentage, so if you fill each ring once, you’ll earn 300 points, but you can keep going to amass up to 600 points per day. To begin, open the Activity app on your iPhone and start sharing activity data with a friend: tap Sharing, tap the red plus button at the upper right, type your friend’s name or Apple ID email address, and tap Send. Once your friend accepts the invite, you’ll see them listed on the Sharing screen. To initiate a competition, tap their name, scroll down, tap Compete with Name, and tap Invite Name. If they accept, the competition begins the next day. The winner gets bragging rights and a badge in the Activity app.