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Siri Makes It Easy to Replay Inaudible Apple TV Audio

by Sarah Dobson on May 04, 2020

If you can’t make out some bit of indistinct dialog while watching your fourth-generation Apple TV or Apple TV 4K, you can listen to it again with a fun Siri feature. Just hold down the Siri button on the Siri Remote and say “What did he say?” or “What did she say?” Release the button, and the Apple TV replays the last 15 seconds of video with subtitles on, so you can hear it again and read what was said. After the video has replayed, the subtitles should turn off automatically, and playback continues normally. (If you have trouble understanding long stretches of a show, turn on its subtitles: while the video is playing, either hold down the Siri button and say “turn on subtitles” or swipe down on the Siri Remote, select Subtitles, and pick the desired language.)