Paint the Town Red with the Apple Watch Flashlight

by Sarah Dobson on September 23, 2019

Have you tried the Apple Watch flashlight feater? Swipe up on the watch face to open Control Center, and tap the Flashlight button. A steady white light comes up first, and you can swipe left on it for a flashing white light that’s great if you’re walking on a road at night. Swipe left on the flashing light and you get a steady red light. (The red light appears first if the watch is in Theater Mode (see How to Turn on Your Apple Watch’s Theater Mode). A red light can provide some illumination, but without the full-on distraction and perceived brightness of a white light, so your eyes can stay adjusted to the dark. Tap the red screen to make it brighter, and tap again to dim it down. To turn off the flashlight altogether, press the digital crown or side switch.