No Ruler Required: How to Measure Objects with Your iPhone

by Sarah Dobson on August 10, 2020

The Measure app makes it easy to measure things with your iPhone or iPad by using Augmented Reality (AR) technology to overlay digital data on the camera’s view of the real world. Start by following the onscreen directions to move the device—this allows Measure to “see” the world around you. When a white circle appears, position the device so the circle lays flat over the object. Measure outlines it with yellow dashes—tap the plus button to see the dimensions. For larger or irregularly shaped items, position the dot in the white circle at a corner or edge, tap the plus button, move the dot to the next corner or edge, and tap the plus button again. To retain your measurements, tap the round Shutter button to take a screenshot with the numbers showing. Don’t rely on Measure for anything that really matters, but it’s great for quick approximations. (Measure requires at least an iPhone 6s, 5th-generation iPad, or iPad Pro.)