Keep Track of Airline Boarding Passes with This Anxiety-Busting Tip

by Sarah Dobson on January 28, 2019

If you find airline travel stressful, storing your boarding pass in your iPhone’s Wallet app can ease your journey—no more paper boarding passes to worry about losing! While using the airline’s Web site or app to check in, look for and tap an “Add to Apple Wallet” button. You’ll find your boarding pass in the Wallet app in the lower set of items, below any credit cards. Tap a pass to view it. If your trip has multiple legs and thus multiple boarding passes, tiny dots below the pass will indicate how many you have—swipe horizontally to view them. To make your boarding pass easier to access, Wallet automatically displays a tappable notification for your pass on the Lock screen based on the time or your location, making it easy to bring up the pass when needed.