How to Turn on Your Apple Watch’s Theater Mode

by Sarah Dobson on December 02, 2019

Ever been embarrassed or interrupted by your Apple Watch lighting up or playing a sound, such as when you’re in a movie or play, reading to your toddler, or enjoying a romantic interlude? It’s easy to make your Apple Watch chill out quickly with Theater Mode. Swipe up on the watch face to display Control Center, and then tap the button marked with happy/sad masks to enable Theater Mode (you might have to swipe up further to see it). Theater Mode keeps your watch face dark even if you raise your arm and switches on Silent Mode so notifications vibrate rather than playing sounds. To use the Apple Watch, tap the screen or press either of its physical buttons. It works normally for that session, and you’ll see a small Theater Mode icon at the top of the screen. To disable Theater Mode (and Silent Mode), tap the Theater Mode button in Control Center again.