How to Turn Down the Volume on Your Child

by Sarah Dobson on July 08, 2019

Headphones can be a nice add-on for a child’s iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone because they let your child enjoy media without you having to listen. Even so, you may worry about the volume blasting at a deafening level. Happily, Apple provides a headphone volume limit for the Music app that you can lock with a passcode. First, go to Settings > Music > Volume Limit and lower the slider to your desired maximum volume—do this while listening to representative music through the headphones in question. Next, go to Settings > General > Restrictions. If you haven’t already turned on Restrictions, tap Enable Restrictions and enter a passcode. Scroll down to the Allow Changes area. Tap Volume Limit > Don’t Allow Changes. From then on, although the device can play tunes from the Music app at maximum volume from its built-in speakers, the headphone output is capped at the noise level that you’ve approved.