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Here’s a Trick for Sharing Your Wi-Fi Password… Even If You Don’t Know It

by Sarah Dobson on July 27, 2020

Sharing Wi-Fi passwords with guests is a pain. All too often, you don’t want to tell them the password, it’s annoying to type, or only your spouse knows it. Apple has the answer. When your guest tries to sign in from a device running iOS 11, High Sierra, or a later software, when they reach the password field, put their device next to one of your devices that is awake and already signed in. Within moments, a message should appear on your device, asking if you want to share your password. Indicate that you do, and your visitor’s device will sign in automatically! (Picky technical detail: For this to work, a card in your Contacts app must have the same name as the visitor’s My Card in their Contacts app.)