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Apple TV Beautification Tip: Add Scenery to the Aerial Screen Saver

by Sarah Dobson on October 14, 2019

The Apple TV’s breathtaking Aerial screen saver shows slow-motion flyover videos of major cities such as Hong Kong, London, and San Francisco, and of gorgeous natural landscapes that highlight the snows of Greenland, the lush hills of Hawaii, and the swirling sands of Liwa. But if you’ve found the footage limited, note that, by default, Aerial doesn’t include all Apple’s available video. To access more of Aerial’s flyovers, go to Settings > General > Screen Saver > Type and select Aerial. Next, from Download New Video, pick Daily or Weekly. (If you have a bandwidth cap, note that each download is about 600 MB.) This fall, you can look forward to a new category, Earth, appearing in Aerial in tvOS 12. Earth was recorded by NASA astronomers from the International Space Station.