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Dec 201410

Free Update Brings UFC, DailyMotion, and more to Apple TV

by Josh C


The hits just keep coming. Another free update to Apple TV brings four new options to the already stellar lineup of channels. will be familiar to fans of ultimate fighting with free and paid video options starting at $54.99 for 6 months of hard hitting fights. The Scene offers digital shorts from major outlets like Forbes, GQ, The Weather Channel, and many more, all free and right on your television. Fusion offers a variety of content from pop culture to news, while DailyMotion bring streaming video from the service to Apple’s favorite little hobby device.

Not seeing the new channels on your Apple TV? Visit Settings, then General and Software Update to make sure you are running the latest version of the Apple TV software.

Dec 201409

Apple Releases iOS 8.1.2 Update for iPad and iPhone

by Josh C

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 11.16.02 AM

A small update was released today for iOS 8 on the iPad and iPhone. This update fixes an issue with purchased ringtones disappearing from devices and a number of other miscellaneous bug fixes.

You can download this simple and quick update to iOS 8.1.2 by visiting Settings, then General and Software Update on your iPad or iPhone.

Oct 201422

What’s new with the iPad Air 2?

by Shane Roberts

So, you’ve seen the news about the new iPad Air, but you are wondering – “What’s the difference?” Well, I’ll break it down for you a bit right here.

The size

iPad Air 2 is a smaller iPad than the iPad Air. No, the screen isn’t smaller, but the body of the iPad is thinner. Apple has shaved 18% off the body of the iPad, making it a remakably 6.1 mm thin, and only .96 of a pound.

The screen

Apple tweaked the display to not only achieve the thinner body, but also to give much more vivid colors and better overall contrast. The iPad Air 2 also has an improved antireflective coating to help with any glare you get when looking at the screen.

The under the hood performance

iPad Air 2 got a very good speed bump with the addition of the brand new Apple A8X processor. Faster than even the iPhone 6 chip, the A8X is really designed to improve the graphic perfomance of the iPad Air 2. Not only is the iPad going to be much more snappy and responsive, but also with apps that handle video and graphic rendering things will look sharper and run better. Overall, the new chip in the iPad Air 2 is 40% faster than the original iPad Air, and it also has 2.5x faster graphics performance.

Touch ID

Apple has integrated Touch ID into iPad Air 2, so now you can login and authorize various things with just a touch of your finger. You can also use Apple Pay for in-app orders (app support required) with the addition of Touch ID.

Better Cameras

Apple has added a much improved camera to the iPad Air 2. The iSight camera on the back is 8 megapixels, and has the same focus pixel technology as the iPhone 6. Apple has also added features like super slo-mo (120-fps), Time-lapse video, high resolution panorama, and more to the new iSight. The FaceTime HD camera on the front also was improved. Apple improved the aperture on the FaceTime HD camera to allow for cleaner, clearer photos/videos in lower light conditions.

Faster Wireless

Just like iPhone 6, Apple added improved WiFi to iPad Air 2 with 802.11ac, which can be up to 3x faster than before. Also, Apple has added better LTE on cellular models, which is also faster, up to 150mbps.

Capacity selection

Now, if you choose an iPad Air 2, you can select from three different capacity sizes – 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB. The 32GB option is no longer available.

Color choices

You can still pick from the regular silver or space gray, but you can also pick a gold option as well.

For all pricing and options, click here to see the various iPad Air and iPad Air 2 choices now available. 

Oct 201420

What’s new with iOS 8.1

by Shane Roberts


Apple released iOS 8.1 on Monday, and they added and improved a couple things. Here is a brief list of everything that Apple updated with 8.1.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is now live! If your bank is on board, you can use your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus to pay for items either on Apple Pay approved apps, or Apple Pay approved retailers. Check with your bank to see if they are supporting Apple Pay.

SMS to Mac/iPad

Still have some friends that send you those ugly green bubble text messages, and you wish you could use your Mac to message them like your iPhone friends? Well, now you can with iOS 8.1. This is what you do to turn that feature on:

Go to Settings > Messages > Turn on ‘Text Message Forwarding’ > follow steps on the screen.

iCloud Photo Library

Apple is taking all of your photos to iCloud with iCloud Photos. In iOS 8.1, Apple released the beta for iPhoto Photos, which will allow you to view your photos not just on your iCloud enabled devices, but also on To turn that on just go to Settings > iCloud > Photos > iCloud Photo Library.

Camera Roll

Apple tweeked the way we view the pictures we take on iOS 8. Well, with iOS 8.1, Apple brought back the Camera Roll that we’ve all been familiar with for so long. You may have to toggle iCloud Photo Library off and on to get it to show up, but it’s now back.

Oct 201416

Apple Special Event Live Blog – 10.16.14 – “It’s been way too long.”

by Shane Roberts


Unable to watch the live stream from Apple for their Special Event? We’ll have you covered here with our live blog. We’ll be posting all the news and updates as they are announced from Apple. So come hang out, or drop in from time-to-time through the event to see all things that are new in the Apple universe.


Sep 201417

2 Days until iPhone 6 launch!

by Shane Roberts

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 2.56.16 PM

We are now only two days away from the launch of the largest iPhone’s in history, literally and figuratively. Over the past couple of days we’ve been highlighting some of the best features in the new iPhone. Yesterday, we highlighted what is under the hood of the new iPhone 6, and the day prior it was all about the display’s. Today, we are going to touch on some other updated technology coming in the phones…

The cellular and wireless

Obviously, with iPhone, or any wireless device, it’s all about speed and efficiency when you use the device. Apple has helped your internet viewing pleasure by speeding up the iPhone 6’s internet speed capabilities. First, Apple updated the LTE chip in iPhone 6. Now, iPhone 6 can get speeds up to 150 Mbps, when the iPhone 5s would get upwards of about 100 Mbps. With this faster LTE chip, Apple has also added VoLTE – Voice over LTE. VoLTE is a very cool technology, and it has to be supported by your cellular provider before it works. VoLTE is a higher quality voice call that allows the calls to go out over the LTE signal. Some providers call it HD Voice Calling. With VoLTE voice calls are much clearer, very similar to FaceTime Audio calls, if you’ve ever experience one of those. Check your local provider for more on VoLTE availability.

Apple has also added a better WiFi chip to iPhone 6 with an 802.11ac wireless chip. 802.11ac is up to 3x faster than the WiFi on iPhone 5s. Early reviews of iPhone 6 have confirmed that wireless speed has improved, even if your wireless router isn’t 802.11ac. Apple has also added WiFi calling as well, again depending on if your provider participates. Here’s how Apple describes WiFi calling:

iPhone 6 lets you initiate calls over Wi‑Fi using your own phone number. Which helps when you don’t have a good cellular signal. And once you go out of range of your Wi‑Fi connection, your call can seamlessly transition to VoLTE. So when you’re going from your house to your car to your office, your call switches over without any interruption. 

Once again, check with your provider on availability.

Increased reliability and speed is crucial when it comes to these new devices, and these new wireless capabilities will help make the new iPhone the fastest most efficient phone available – if not already.

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