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Nov 201306

Nike+ Move for iPhone 5s Now Available on App Store

by Shane Roberts

Nike+ Move

One of the newest features in the iPhone 5s is the new M7 coprocessor. This chip is designed to just measure motion data, and take that burden away from the main A7 chip. The first major app to utilize that M7 chip is now on the App Store, and it’s the latest app from Nike.

Nike+ Move (FREE from the App Store) measures your movement all the time.  It will track throughout the day how active you are and when during the day you are active.

Nike+ Move App

Here is the description of the app from the App Store:

Nike+ Move is the simplest way to capture your every move, and motivate you to move more!

Exclusively for use with iPhone 5S, Nike+ Move uses the M7 coprocessor to convert your movement into NikeFuel, the first-ever single, universal unit for measuring all kinds of activities. No matter your age, weight or gender, the same activity earns you the same amount of NikeFuel.

Nike+ Move offers insight into when you move, how you move and where you move – and lets you challenge your friends to see who moves more.

• Win the day by beating your NikeFuel average and watch your goal ring change from Red to Green.
• See when you are most active throughout the day and how you’re doing compared to yesterday.
• Move more often and win as many hours as you can throughout the day.
• See how you moved through the day with a breakdown of running, walking, and other movement.
• See where you’re moving and where you move the most each day.
• Check out how you compare against your Game Center friends or other Nike+ Move users near you.

*Note: iPhone 5S is required to get motivated with Nike+ Move.

Nike+ Move App2


Oct 201331

Great Halloween Games for iOS!

by Shane Roberts

Zombie Run

ZOMBIES, RUN!: $3.99 (iPhone) – Link

Exercising has never been more fun, or creepy! Zombies, Run! is an exercise app that will create an exercise routine around a Zombie survival game! You are running from zombies trying to collect supplies for your base. There are 40 missions available with the app, plus 57 more available for purchase after the fact.  The story unfolds in a series of dynamic radio messages and voice recordings. So if you want to get in shape while having some fun, check out Zombies, Run!

Zombie, Run!

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 10.16.01 AM

Plants vs. Zombies 2: FREE (iPhone/iPad)

The sequel to the massive hit plays just like the original, so you veterans out there don’t worry! It just adds onto the fun with power ups and new characters. PvZ2 is what they call a ‘Freemium’ game. That means the game is free (awesome), but you can pay for add on content to enhance the game. Reviews out there say you can play through the game and not pay a dime without a problem.


LIMBO: 99¢ Halloween Sale (iPhone/iPad)

A very simple side scrolling game, ala Mario, where it is all about avoiding obstacles and surviving. The thing about LIMBO though, is that it is a very eerie game to play. It’s all in black-and-white, plus there is not background music, just the noises of the environment and everything around you.  It is a very simple, yet challenging game! It’s a huge hit on the App Store, so it’s worth checking out!


Oct 201324

Video: Intro to Mavericks

by Shane Roberts

Sep 201317

The 100 Best iPhone Apps

by Shane Roberts


PCMag runs a continuous list of the best apps you can get on the iPhone or iPad. It appears prior to the launch of the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s they have revisited that list a little bit. They have it broken down by 11 different categories, such as Games, Hobbies and Finance, Shopping, Travel and more! So there is something for everyone.

Here are some of the apps that are highlighted on the list.

This simple productivity and business app can spare you countless headaches. The next time you have a document that requires your signature in a hurry, just open it with SignNow, place your John Hancock, and be done with it. The app can open files from email, Dropbox, the Camera app, and other sources

Gate Guru
GateGuru (for iPhone) is an app to pack. It will help you navigate airports, anticipate wait times, find the freshest food, and travel with greater confidence. Imagine this grim scene: You have a three-hour layover and the unenviable dining choice between the bloated cinnamon bun and a greasy sports bar. Which is less likely to inflict damage on your stomach lining? GateGuru can help you avoid the plight of past LaGuardia travelers with its user-submitted reviews of services in the airport. It also has airport maps and checkpoint wait times will spare you from extending your tenure.

Awesome Note (+ToDo)
As the name implies, Awesome Note (+Todo) is an iPhone app for creating notes and to-do lists. Of all the personal organization apps on Apple’s mobile devices, Awesome Note is one of the most visually compelling, letting users choose which colors, background images, fonts, and icons they want to use in their notes. It’s a treat to play with all these options, plus the app’s graphical calendar, while also being productive.

Make sure to check out the rest of the list here.

Aug 201320

More great apps for school!

by Shane Roberts

I’ve previously highlight some great apps, but I’ve stumbled across a couple more that are worth checking out!



One of the worst aspects of going to school, and maybe the worst, is buying textbooks! Any student, past or present, is well aware of the absurd price tag on textbooks. There is an app out there that you can put on your handy dandy iOS device that could help you out! Chegg is an app that will allow you to rent and have your textbook on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch! When you rent, you can pay a fraction of the price.

You can search the Chegg library by title, author or ISBN. Not only can you rent, but you also have an option to buy, if you’re so inclined.

The app is free, it’s kind of like a pay-per-view app, you pay for or subscribe to what you want to see/read.

Click here to check it out on the App Store!

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro

It’s easy to get buried in the mass of homework, readings, projects and exams in school. Sometimes organization is an assignment all in itself. iStudiez can keep track of your class schedule, assignments and grades. You enter your class info into the app and it will populate everything into a calendar to help you add assignments, tests and more! The app can also help you stay on track with the grade you desire. You can enter test scores and it will help you get an idea of what you need to do the rest of the semester to get the grade you want.

The app is $2.99 for iOS and they have a Mac version for $9.99. 


MyScript Calculator

This app almost makes me wish I could take another math or stats class… almost. What’s so great about MyScript? Well, you write down the equation you want to work on, anything from basic to complex, and it will recognize your handwriting and calculate the problem for you! The combination of the hand writing recognition and the fact it will work problems in real time is amazing. Once you’re done with the problem you’re working on, you can share it via email, Facebook or Twitter!

Above all else, the best part of this app… IT’S FREE! Click here to check it out! also had a great list, that includes these three, go check it out!


Aug 201315

Available now: Plants v Zombies 2

by Shane Roberts

An all time classic game on iOS is getting its long awaited sequel. Plants vs Zombies is one of the few games on a portable device like an iPhone, that has reached mass pop culture appeal. Only Angry Birds may be larger.

The sequel plays just like the original, so you veterans out there don’t worry! It just adds onto the fun with power ups and new characters. PvZ2 is what they call a ‘Freemium’ game. That means the game is free (awesome), but you can pay for add on content to enhance the game. Reviews out there say you can play through the game and not pay a dime without a problem.

One of my most trusted sites for game news and reviews is, and they have rated PvZ2 very highly! On a scale from 1-10, with 10 being perfect, they have given PvZ2 an 8.7. Here’s what they had to say about it:

Like the beloved original, Plants vs Zombies 2′s gameplay never stands still – it’s always evolving, layering in fresh plants and new twists. No matter how you play, the gameplay is founded on the tension between your game plan and the fact that you’ll almost never have enough sun or space to fully execute said game plan. But that’s the point: when things invariably go wrong, the fun is in scrambling to adapt and emerging battered but victorious. Plants vs. Zombies 2sometimes forgets that with its overblown Power Up system. Even so, it’s an excellent – if overly safe – sequel, and as beautifully presented as it is absorbing to play.


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