You may have heard there’s some malware going around. It goes by “MACDefender” and is taking shape as a Trojan horse that uses Safari’s “Open Safe Files” feature to run an installer for the malware.

If you happen upon the malware,  it will tell you you have a virus and periodically opens porn sites to convince of such.  It keeps doing this until you purchase their software.  DON’T PURCHASE IT!

The good news is this is just malware and not a virus, so if you come across it, it’s super easy to remove.

Our awesome tech Chase has actually built his own little app that will help you delete the malware easily. It will quit the process for you, delete the app, delete the bad java caches, set the “Open Safe files” setting to off and then beep to let you know it’s done. Click here to download it for free.

You can find more detailed information on MACDefneder in this article from If you have any trouble with removing MACDefender, drop by your nearest Simply Mac for help!

NOTE: This only works for OS 10.4.6 or above!



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